Apple Jam E-Liquid by Jam Monster

Apple Jam is the newest e-juice in the Jam Monster famous line of e-liquids made with flavors of traditional American breakfast treats. Apple Jam, like other Jam Monster e-liquids in this line, offers a delicate blend of freshly baked toast spread with butter. Jam Monster made waves in the vaping industry after the release of its Strawberry and Blueberry flavors. The US based e-liquid manufacturer announced the addition of Apple Jam during the 2017 ECC Expo which was held in Detroit.

Apple Jam is the ideal e-liquid to start your day with if you love apple dessert and enjoy breakfast flavors. This premium e-liquid combines a mix of tasty flavors which include freshly buttered toast, a hint of cinnamon and sweet apple jam. When you inhale this e-juice, it would be hard for you not to drift into some pleasant breakfast memory. The taste of apple and jam flavors are strong but quite balanced on the inhale. However, it is when you exhale that you actually taste the full richness of this e-liquid. On the exhale, the apple and jam flavors are pronounced with hints of both cinnamon and toast. The toast flavor comes at the very end of the exhale. Apple Jam has a very distinct after taste.

Apple Jam, like other Jam Monster e-liquids, contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 75/25 percent. Due its high VG content this e-liquid is quite thick and good for dripping. And it works well with both a rebuild able atomizers (RDA) and a sub ohm tank. In spite of the outstanding taste of this e-liquid, vapers who don’t like changing their coils and cotton frequently would be disappointed with Apple Jam. It is prone to staining coils quickly. These stains come from the sweetener used in the production of this e-liquid. Thankfully, Apple Jam comes with a free pack of Cotton Bits. Jam Monster probably added the pack of Cotton Bits because they knew how quickly this e-liquid stains coils.

Most cloud chasers would be pleased with this e-liquid. The high VG content makes Apple Jam a good cloud producer. This premium e-juice also produces a smooth and mellow throat hit. You will not feel any burning sensation or irritation when you take hits of this e-liquid. Like other Jam Monster e-liquids in this breakfast flavored line, Apple Jam comes with low nicotine levels. Vapers who enjoy higher levels of nicotine may be be disappointed. Apple Jam has a nicotine level which ranges from Omg, to 3mg and finally to 6mg.

The package of Apple Jam is quite similar to the other flavors in this popular Jam Monster e-liquid line. This e-liquid comes in a similar Jam Monster customized 100ml Chubby Gorilla bottle. The designs on the bottle also have similar designs. The main difference in the packaging of this e-juice is the distinct green color of the box.

Jam Monster has done it yet again with Apple Jam. You can say this Florida based e-juice company is on a winning streak. Their line of breakfast flavor e-liquids are good. Like the others, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Grape, Apple Jam has quite a distinct and original taste. This unique e-liquids was manufactured by Fresh Juice Co.

Apple Jam is one of those e-liquids that should become a vaping staple for people who love apple jam and toast flavors. This e-liquid would be ideal for all day vaping. Jam Monster’s Apple Jam along with other Jam Monster flavors can be bought at for $24.97 for 100 ml..

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