Blue Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt Review

Blue Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt is a delectable combination of enticing blueberries and icy menthol that will appeal to your inner vaper. This eliquid formula is brought to you by Pod Salt, and in this review, we would be looking at what makes the Blue Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid one of their successful eliquid blends.

About The Manufacturer

Pod Salt is an ejuice brand specialized in nicotine salts, and if you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ve probably come across this brand. They are devoted to offering high-quality vape juices at a reasonable price in order to fulfill the fundamental goal of vaping, which is to assist more and more smokers in successfully transitioning away from tobacco.

Apart from the Blue Ice Salt Nic E-Liquid, they also provide Cigarette, Vanilla, Mixed Berries, Mango Ice, Blueberry Pomegranate, and many more flavors that will satisfy your taste buds. Because of their salt nicotine composition, their e liquids are a must-have for heavy smokers wanting to make a successful and stress-free switch.

Flavor Description

The flavor arguably begins from the rich blueberry aroma you get when you open up the bottle and fill it into your device. On the inhale your taste buds are treated to a brightly lit experience featuring the flavor of sweet and juicy blueberries. Just when you think you have seen it all, the cooling menthol flavor comes in on the exhale to perfectly balance the flavor and leave you feeling refreshed. The flavor tastes great, it is not too mentholy and at the same time not too fruity, and definitely not like something that you would get tired of in a hurry. 

Blue Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt Review

Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol 

In terms of the base, namely vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), the Blue Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt has 50% VG and 50% PG, resulting in a balanced ejuice combination that offers you a fair taste of both worlds at the same time.

It rewards you with a strong and flowing flavor that your taste buds revel in every time you vape, as well as the unobtrusive vapor production that lets you enjoy vaping anyplace.  This also has something to do with the fact that the eliquid can be enjoyed with mouth-to-lung vape systems.

What Is The Nicotine Content?

Pod Salt uses salt nicotine/Nicotinoyl Salicylate in the ejuice combination, which differs from the usual freebase nicotine found in most e liquids. Blue Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt comes in 11mg nicotine strength (18mg Nicotine Salicylate) and 20mg nicotine strength (36mg Nicotine Salicylate), so you may vape whatever fits you best. These strengths are ideal for heavy smokers who want a powerful and smooth draw. You won’t have to worry about strong throat hits or an itching sensation in your throat when vaping thanks to the nicotine salt composition.

Packaging and Availability

Pod Salt ejuices are all made and bottled in the United Kingdom, and they all have the same kind of packaging, which is a box containing the ejuice bottle. Blue Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt comes in a TPD-compliant 10ml bottle with a childproof lid and tamper-evident seal.

Nicotine salts not only allow you to vape high nicotine concentrations effortlessly, but they also last longer and provide more enjoyment than regular e-liquids. This implies that a 10ml bottle will last considerably longer since you obtain rapid gratification, which will keep your nicotine cravings at bay for a long period.

You can purchase one for yourself for £3.99 from Vape Green.


This is one you would absolutely suggest to someone who likes sweets. It has a lot of taste and is easy on the throat.