CE4 Clearomizer vs CE5

What is the difference between a CE4 and a CE5 clearomizer? We explain what sets the CE5 apart from the CE4, and what similarities the two share.

When it comes to clearomizers, both the CE4 and the CE5 Clearomizer are popular choices. Because both models look almost identical to one another, many people are unsure of what the difference is between the two.

Both the CE4 Clearomizer and the CE5 hold the same 1.6ml of e-liquid and use the same technologies. They both come in the same colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Clear, Yellow and Gray. Both allow you to choose between a round and flat drip tip. Both feature the same eGo threading. So, what exactly is the difference between the two?

CE4 vs CE5 – What’s the Difference?

The main difference between the CE4 and the CE5 is the wick. CE4 clearomizers have either a long or short wick. CE5 clearomizers Looks no wicks at all.

The wickless CE5 does not use the traditional fiber wick. Instead, it uses a central cotton core to absorb the e-liquid and feed it to the heating coil. The advantage of not having a wick is that it prevents build-up and the unpleasant taste that comes along with a clogged atomizer.

There are also four holes on the CE5’s inner tube. This allows the e-liquid to easily flow through the clearomizer to provide a larger, smoother vape. These four holes allow for improved airflow, which greatly enhances the flavor of the e-liquid.

Another advantage that the CE5 offers is the ability to take apart and rebuild the clearomizer. If the coil or the cotton core needs to be replaced, you can simply purchase replacement parts online. As an added bonus, replacement parts are readily available and inexpensive to purchase. Being able to replace these parts extends the life of your clearomizer and allows you to save money in the process. In addition to this, the CE5 is incredibly easy to clean, which further extends the life of the clearomizer.

Arguably, the biggest advantage that the CE5 has over the CE4 is that it eliminates the burnt taste that many users of the CE4 complain about. By eliminating the wick, you prevent clogs and buildup that cause this unpleasant “burnt” taste. The refiling process is the same as the CE4, but most users experience fewer leaks when using the CE5. Fewer leaks also helps to prevent an unpleasant taste and also allows for maximum airflow at all times.

Both the CE4 and the CE5 are great clearomizers and fit any eGo series e-cigarettes. Refilling is easy too. Simply remove the drip tip, add e-liquid, replace the drip tip and wait 60 seconds for the liquid to be absorbed.

If you choose CE4 clearomizers, you will need to replace the entire unit whenever a part breaks. Some people prefer CE4 clearomizers because they are disposable and simple. However, the burnt flavor they produce may turn some users off.

Choosing between the CE4 and CE5 ultimately comes down to personal preference. CE5 clearomizers are easier to clean and you can replace parts as needed. If you are looking to extend the life of your clearomizer, save money and enjoy a smoother vape, the CE5 is the best option.

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