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Electronic cigarettes offer smokers a greener and healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. This electrical device resembles a tobacco cigarette in appearance, but does not contain all of the harsh chemicals found in tobacco products. Instead, the e-cigarette heats up a liquid solution containing tobacco flavoring and nicotine. Rather than producing smoke, the device emits water vapor that is completely odorless. At the same time, smokers can still get their “nicotine fix” while also enjoying a rich tobacco flavor.

Since its introduction onto the market, a variety of sizes and designs have emerged to please even the most discerning smokers. The introduction of the CE4 Clearomizer is once again revolutionizing the market by offering e-cigarette smokers a more efficient and convenient way to heat their e-liquid.
What is the CE4 Clearomizer?

Traditionally, the electronic cigarette consists of three parts: A battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. The cartridge holds the e-juice, while the atomizer heats up the liquid. The battery supplies the power needed to make the device work.

The CE4 Clearomizer is more than just an atomizer. It is an atomizer and cartridge in one. Not only that, but the CE4 Clearomizer is also made from translucent material, so smokers can see exactly how much liquid they have left.

What are the Benefits of Using the CE4 Clearomizer?

The CE4 atomizer holds more juice than its cartridge counterpart and does not need to be refilled as often. Because users can see just how much juice they have left, they can better determine when to order refills and ensure that they always have enough e-juice to satisfy their nicotine cravings.

  • Although clearomizers are created with translucent material, they are often tinted different colors, which allow smokers to personalize their e-cigarettes in a completely new way.
  • The CE4 Clearomizer is easy to clean and the atomizer can easily be replaced to extend the life of the clearomizer. This allows users to save money without having to sacrifice the quality of their smoking experience.
  • With a clearomizer, users never have to worry about overfilling the cartridge and experiencing leaks. Its clear outer coating ensures that users can see exactly how much e-liquid is in the cartridge at all times. This provides for a safer and more satisfying vaping experience.
  • The CE4 Clearomizer is easy to use and refill. Simple unbolt the mouthpiece and refill with your favorite e-liquid. No syringes or special equipment are needed. Simply refill directly from the e-juice bottle.
  • The CE4 is compatible with all electronic cigarette batteries, which makes it the most convenient choice for e-cigarette smokers.

Smokers also enjoy the fact that the CE4 Clearomizer has completely redesigned the traditional electronic cigarette mouthpiece. Rather than being constructed out of flimsy rubber, the CE4 mouthpiece is built with stiff synthetic materials to ensure durability and convenience. The mouthpiece twists in and in a downward motion. Users no longer have to go searching for the device’s drip tip.

The CE4 Clearomizer produces more vapor than cartridges and lasts much longer than its traditional counterparts. Its ability to enhance the e-juice flavor makes the CE4 Clearomizer the obvious choice for both casual and serious e-cigarette smokers alike.

CE4 Clearomizer How to Use

The CE4 atomizer is one of the most convenient and user-friendly atomizers on the market today. Part of the reason why it is so popular with e-cigarette users is because it is incredibly easy to fill. Unlike other atomizers, there is no need to use a syringe, or needle tip, when filling. Use the guide below to quickly and easily fill your CE4 atomizer and start using your e-cigarette right away.

Avoid CE4 Clearomizer not working situation: How to Fill

Filling the CE4 atomizer is simple and straightforward, which is good news for new e-cigarette users. The CE4 can either be filled directly through the drip tip e-juice bottle, or you can choose to use a needle tip. The needle tip is not necessary, but may help prevent you from spilling the liquid while refilling.

  1. Remove the e-liquid bottle lid and cut off the tip of the bottle with scissors.
  2. To begin, unscrew the mouthpiece in a counter-clockwise motion.
  3. While holding the CE4 atomizer at a 45 degree angle, start dripping the e-liquid into the unit. Avoid adding liquid to the center hole as this is the venting hole.
  4. Continue filling until the liquid is just below the rubber cover inside the unit. The atomizer is capable of holding up to 1.6ml of liquid.
  5. Screw the mouthpiece back on in a clockwise motion.
  6. Screw the battery back onto the clearomizer tightly.
  7. Wait at least one minute for the liquid to soak into the wicks.

As you can see, filling the CE4 atomizer is easy and requires no special tools or knowledge. Don’t forget the charge the battery before using the device!

Tips for Filling the CE4 Atomizer

While filling the CE4 atomizer is simple in nature, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

  • To avoid a burnt or unpleasant taste, refill the CE4 before it becomes empty.
  • To avoid leaks, always ensure that the mouthpiece of your e-cigarette is facing upward. The CE4 will never leak from the bottom, but it may leak from the top if the unit is held upside down.
  • Never overfill the unit as this will cause leaks.
  • Regular cleanings of the CE4 atomizer are recommended to avoid build-up and clogs.
  • If you are experiencing a burnt taste, try dry vaping a few times. This will allow the e-juice to soak into the wick.
  • Never screw the mouth piece on too tightly. This may cause the plug to change shape. As pressure builds up, it may force the liquid into the battery.
  • Screwing in the CE4 too tightly can also cause leaks as airflow to the atomizer will be hindered. In this case, the e-liquid will be drawn into the air hole rather than air.

Because the CE4 atomizer is constructed with translucent materials, users can easily judge when the atomizer needs to be re-filled. Once you have filled your atomizer, be sure to wait at least one minute for the liquid to be absorbed by the wick. This will ensure that you can enjoy a smooth taste with the huge vapor the CE4 is known for.

CE4 Clearomizer Giving Burnt Taste – Causes and Solutions

At some point in time, most e-cigarette users experience a burnt or unpleasant taste when using the device. In most cases, it is the atomizer that is causing this effect. If you are using the CE4 atomizer, there are several reasons why you may be experiencing a “burnt” taste. Before you replace your atomizer, follow the tips to give new life to your CE4.

CE4 Atomizer Burnt Taste – What are the Causes?

When an atomizer, such as the CE4, starts producing a burnt or unpleasant taste, it either means that you are out of e-liquid, or your atomizer is clogged/dirty.

Using a high density e-juice, such as those made with vegetable glycerin, can clog the atomizer. These liquids tend to cause build-up on the coil relatively quickly. Continuing to use the device without getting rid of this “gunk” will only make the problem worse as the coil will continue to heat up the gunk along with the e-juice.

In other cases, the burnt taste may be a result of taking too many consecutive puffs without giving the coil time to cool down. The CE4 atomizer may also produce a burnt or metallic taste when it has been used past its prime

Solutions for CE4 Atomizer Giving Burnt Taste

If the atomizer is still in good condition and not past its prime, a thorough cleaning can often get rid of the unpleasant burnt taste.

Re-Filling the Atomizer: Attempting to use an e-cigarette without any e-liquid will produce a burnt taste. This is because the coil has nothing but leftover gunk and build up to burn. Check your CE4 atomizer to make sure that you have enough e-juice and refill if necessary. This is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of the burnt taste.

Boiling the Atomizer: Many users find that boiling the atomizer for 5 minutes helps get rid of the burnt taste. This method will clear out any build-up that may be clogging the atomizer. Remember to be cautious when removing the atomizer from the boiling water.

Always use tongs to avoid burning yourself.

Soaking: Soaking your CE4 atomizer is another way to get rid of the burnt taste. Some people prefer to soak in water, while others prefer grain alcohol. You can also choose to use a mixture of both. Just refrain from using rubbing alcohol as this can make you sick.

Begin by soaking the atomizer for one hour. Next, blow on the cartridge end of the atomizer to remove excess water and allow the atomizer to soak again for three hours. Blow on the atomizer again and allow it to dry for 24 hours before using again.

If your CE4 atomizer is still producing a burnt taste after cleaning it, it may be time to replace it. Some new atomizers will produce a burnt taste simply because the parts still contain some grease or other chemicals used when producing the e-cigarette parts. After the first use, this will unpleasant taste will dissipate and you can once again enjoy a pleasurable smoking experience with your CE4 atomizer.

CE4 Clearomizer Cleaning Tips

Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are not thrown away after each use. For this reason, users should ensure that their atomizer stays clean for a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Frequency of use and voltage will play a role in how long the atomizer will last, but the e-liquid that you use will also influence this as well. Over time, the impurities in the liquid build-up in the atomizer and cause unwanted side effects.

Signs your Atomizer Needs Cleaning

Atomizers can easily become clogged and dirty when using flavored e-liquids. The ingredients that create the flavor eventually accumulate inside of the atomizer as the liquid is heated and vaporized. Some e-liquids are more problematic than others, but darker e-liquids tend to clog the atomizer much quicker than lighter colored liquids. When an atomizer becomes dirty and clogged, you will notice several changes when using your e-cigarette. Signs that your atomizer may need cleaning include:

  • Burnt taste when using the cigarette
  • Drawing air through the device becomes difficult
  • Vapor production is reduced or ceases completely

Should you experience any of the above, stop using the electronic cigarette and clean the atomizer as soon as possible. Further use of the device will only make the problem worse and may force you to replace the atomizer.[/su_tabs]There are several ways to clean the CE4 atomizer. Some will work better than others, but it is generally recommended that you attempt all methods before replacing your atomizer.

Blowing Out

This CE4 atomizer cleaning method is quite simple and can be performed anywhere. Begin by removing the atomizer from the cartridge and battery. Carefully place your lips on the end of the atomizer that connects with the cartridge and blow firmly to dislodge any build-up that may be inside. Be sure to keep a towel or napkin underneath the threaded end to catch any build-up that may flow through.


Soaking is, arguably, the best way to clean an atomizer and typically the method used by most smokers. The only issue here is that the process takes time. Follow the steps below to clean your atomizer using the soaking method.

  1. Soak the atomizer in water or grain alcohol (do not use rubbing alcohol) for one hour
  2. Use the “Blow Out” method above to remove excess water and build-up
  3. Soak the atomizer again for at least two hours
  4. Blow out the atomizer again
  5. Allow the atomizer to dry for 24 hours in an upright position

How Water Rinse

The hot water rinse can work to fix small issues with an atomizer. This is a quicker method than soaking, but may not be as thorough.

  1. Run the atomizer under hot water
  2. Use the Blow Out method to eliminate excess water and build-up
  3. Allow the atomizer to dry for 24 hours in an upright position

To really get the most use out of your atomizer, try using pure liquids with lower nicotine levels. These CE4 atomizer cleaning tips can help you extend the life of your atomizer and prevent the burning taste that is often associated with dirty or clogged atomizers.

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CE4 Clearomizer not working

Your clearomiser may need a new coil, or it may be flooded. See above for the solutions!
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