Cigavette Cuvana E-Cigar Review

A premium cigar has to be the ultimate celebration of tobacco. I started smoking cigars during the boom of the ’90s, immediately falling in love with the flavors, smells and image associated with cigar smoking. If I had been able to remain an occasional cigar smoker and avoid cigarettes, I might still be smoking cigars today. Many people who picked up cigars during that time may not have ever made the jump to cigarettes, though, and might now be looking for a smoke-free alternative. Cigavette’s Cuvana e-cigar aims to be that alternative — something that you can enjoy at your favorite lounge, golf course or elsewhere without worrying about smoking bans.

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E-cigars have been around for about as long as e-cigarettes. They haven’t had quite the same mainstream success, though, and as a result few “big brand” e-cigarette vendors carry them. Cigavette’s goal is to become the first major e-cigarette brand to buck that trend.

The Cuvana is around the size of a corona cigar, wrapped with a brown paper meant to resemble tobacco leaves. An LED on the end glows orange when you puff, simulating an ember. At a distance, it definitely resembles a real cigar, although the feel is decidedly different. Under the paper wrapper, the internals of the Cuvana e-cigar are stored in a plastic tube, so you lose the tactile sensation of being able to squeeze the e-cigar a little between your fingers or lips.

Cuvana E-Cigar Review

A Disposable E-Cigar With 1,800 Puffs

Inside the Cuvana is a wide atomizer with a large bridge and a high-capacity cartridge containing enough e-liquid, Cigavette claims, for up to 1,800 puffs. Although I’m not going to keep a tally to confirm or refute Cigavette’s claim, I do know that disposable e-cigarettes tend not to last for more than the equivalent of about one pack of cigarettes. The Cuvana e-cigar has a much larger cartridge than a standard e-cigarette, though. Although it may not last for the stated 1,800 puffs, I think it’s definitely safe to say that you’ll get many lengthy smoking sessions out of it before it runs out of liquid. I puffed on my Cuvana review sample at least 200 times while writing this article, and there’s no sign of decreased vapor production. I expect to have no trouble using it occasionally for the next several months.
Real Cigar Taste?

There’s a big difference between the taste of a cigarette and that of a cigar. I find that cigarettes, at their best, produce just a small fraction of the flavor possible from premium tobacco. Since e-liquid manufacturers have yet to create a cigarette-flavored e-liquid that truly tastes like the real thing, I have no reason to believe that a realistic cigar e-liquid is going to appear any time soon. If you already use e-cigarettes, you’re probably going in with that understanding and are unlikely to be disappointed by the Cuvana e-cigar. If the Cuvana is going to be your first smokeless cigarette or cigar, though, you need to understand that this is absolutely not going to replace the real thing.

That being said, I was quite surprised by how nice the Cuvana e-cigar did taste. Although it definitely doesn’t taste like a real cigar, it bears a very strong resemblance to an aromatic pipe tobacco — perhaps a cherry Cavendish. If you’re like me and had a pipe smoking relative when you were younger, the smell of the Cuvana e-cigar is going to be extremely familiar to you. My wife loves the smell, and so do I. Ignoring the fact that this is an e-cigar, the Cuvana actually has just about the most realistic pipe tobacco taste and smell I’ve ever experienced. If I could just find a good English pipe tobacco e-liquid, now, I’d be in heaven.
Cuvana E-Cigar: The Bottom Line

The Cuvana e-cigar has a fairly realistic appearance and feel, good vapor production and throat hit and a very believable tobacco taste — but the taste tends a little more toward pipe tobacco rather than cigar tobacco. All in all, it’s an excellent product. Although I find it doubtful that any disposable smokeless cigar could last for 1,800 puffs, I’m confident that it can last through several lengthy smoking sessions or golf rounds. [/su_column]

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