Cloutank M3 Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you have been a dedicated e-liquid vaper and looking to try something new, then maybe the Cloutank M3 the one for you to try. Boasting to enhance your vaping experience by now offering you a way to enjoy your dry herb.

Package Of Cloutank M3

This latest improvement from Cloupor proudly present newer and better designed features to give your the best dry herb vaping experience available on the market.

Cloutank M3 Features

Most vaporizer are designed solely for e-liquids. Designed to specifically for dry herb, Cloutank M3 has many features that let you have an easier time to enjoy vaping.

Structure Of Cloutank M3
  • With a Removable Burner, the Cloutank M3 will make the cleaning process easier. This feature prevents damaging the burner while cleaning.
  • Specially patented M3 Chamber of the Cloutank allows for an easier time to remix your herb without opening the chamber. This way you can enjoy your herb down to the last single leaf.
  • The new Self-Cleaning feature is probably the greatest feature of all for this product. You can remove the tank and with a press of a button conveniently clean your tank for you.
  • ¬†Cloutank M3 is made out of medical-grade steel and Pyrex Glass. That means that this will always have that sleek and shiny feel while easier to clean and safe to handle. Also, the material make sure that this vaporizer will be the most durable.

Your Cloutank M3 Wax Dry Herb Kit

Proudly claiming to be the best dry herb vaporizer on the market available for dry herb vaping enthusiasts and medical users alike, you can see for yourself how this product is specially designed with you in mind. When acquiring your kit, you will receive:

  • 1XCloutank M3 Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • 2XExtra Heads for replacement
  • 1XCleaning Brush

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