Crown Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell Review

In this article, we review the Crown sub ohm tank by a Chinese company called Uwell. Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2015 and the Crown sub ohm tank, I think, is their first made vaping creation, but they have more products in the pipeline.

The Crown sub ohm tank is one of only a two top filling sub ohm tanks on the market that I am aware of. It features a 4ml tank and comes with a good range of single and dual coils, which gives the tank a wattage range of 10-120W!

The tank is made out of stainless steel and the coils are 100% imported organic cotton.

Crown Sub Ohm Tank Specs at a Glance

Price  Set to retail at $39.99 (can’t find it in any stores yet, coming soon)

Wattage Range  10-120W (Single and Dual Vertical Coils)

Tank Capacity  4ml

Coils Available  0.5ohm or 1.2ohm (single coils) and 0.25ohm and 0.5ohm (dual coils)

Wicking material  100% Imported Organic Cotton


Diameter  24mm at its widest point but 22mm at the base

What’s in the Crown tank box?

1  Tank
1  Spare Quartz Glass
3  Coils (1 x pre-installed)
1  Set of Spare O-Rings
1  Instruction Manual
1  Warning Leaflet

Different Coils and Wattage Ranges for the Crown Sub Ohm Tank
Single Vertical Coils

1.2ohm  10 – 30W

0.5ohm  30 – 80W

Dual Parallel Wrapped Vertical Coils

0.5ohm  30 – 80W

0.25ohm  80 – 120W

Vaping the Crown sub ohm tank at different wattages on the different coils

We were using the Fa-Q, Miss Samoa e-liquid, which is a 75% VG juice. It is a cookies blend and tastes delightful!

0.5ohm Dual Coil

Up to 30W – Nothing much happening before 30W, but at 30W a nice cool vape
40W – Cool vape, bit more flavor and slowly more clouds
50W – Still a pretty cool vape and decent flavor
60W – A warmer vape now and nice flavor coming through
70W – Really lovely flavor and really big clouds with a good warm vape
80W – Massive clouds and the vape is now on the warmer to hot side
90W – Recommended range is up to 80W, and at 90W starts getting unbearably hot, so wouldn’t recommend anything above 80W

I would vape the 0.5ohm dual coil at around 70-80W as the flavor was best at this range without the drip tip getting too hot.

0.25ohm Dual Coil

Nothing much happening until about 60W
60W – Cooler vape with lots of flavors
70W – Getting a bit warm now. Flavor is sensational and clouds already pretty immense
80W – On the warmer side now and the drip tip is getting a little warm on longer inhales. The flavor is just mind blowing on this coil right now.
90W – Flavor-wise, it feels like what I would imagine e-liquid tastes like when drinking it!
100W – Crazy clouds and still no burnt hits. Still not unbearably hot, but a very warm vape
110W – We can’t get over the clouds on this thing and the vape is still a nice warm vape. Flavor is just WOW!
120W – Now unbearably warm/verging on hot, with the drip tip getting very hot! Still no dry hits and sensational flavor

I would vape the 0.25ohm coil around the 85-95W range.

0.5ohm Single Coil
Not much going on until about 40W
40W – Cool vape moderate clouds
50W – Flavor starting to come through and decent clouds
60W –Nice flavor now and big clouds and warmish vape
70W – Nice warm vape with massive clouds! Flavor is now best at his wattage
80W – Hello flavor! I lied before, the flavor is definitely better at 80W! Absolutely fantastic vape at 80W. The vape is warm without getting too hot and the drip tip is staying pretty cool.

I am finding that the 0.5ohm single coil isn’t getting as hot as the dual one, which I really like. It’s a cooler vape, then the dual coil, but still full of flavor.

The recommended range is up to 80W, but I found it vaped well up to 90W with some awesome flavor. We didn’t experience any dry hits and the wicking worked great with our Fa-Q e-liquid which is a 75% VG blend. If you haven’t already check out our Fa-Q e-liquid review.

Overall the 0.25ohm coil was the best for flavor, but obviously, requires a lot of power. The 0.5ohm single coil produced a cooler vape if that is what you prefer. The 0.5ohm dual provided fantastic warm flavor at a slightly lower wattage than the 0.25ohm one, but again still requires quite a high power device.

Stand out Features of the Crown Sub Ohm Tank

Top Filling Capability

I really love the fact that the Crown allows you to fill it from the top. It makes things a lot easier for refills, as the top comes off very easily and allows to fill the tank from the top. I found unscrewing the bases of the other sub ohm tanks a bit of a fuss and often you get a little bit of e-liquid coming out of the tanks when unscrewing the bottoms as the coils will still have some e-liquid in them and sometimes there will be a bit of e-liquid in the seals/joints.

The only other sub ohm tank I know of that can be top filled is the Segatank by Anyvape. This is a great feature in my opinion and I am not sure why more sub ohm tanks do not do this.

Fantastic Flavor and Clouds

So the flavor was by far the best on the 0.25ohm dual coil. The flavor on this coil at the higher wattages was absolute to die for. 85-95W seems to be a nice range for us to vape at and we just loved it. I would say the flavor war right up there with the Freemax Starre tank we reviewed a few days ago, which was the best tasting sub ohm tank we had tried to date. I don’t think the Kanger Subtanks can compete with the Crown tank and its 0.25ohm coil for flavor.

The 0.5ohm single and 0.5ohm dual coils were both impressive as well. However, they were not on the same level as the 0.25ohm dual coil. I would recommend getting the 0.25ohm coils for this tank, which means you will need a device capable of at least 100W preferably 150W.

Note  I found the coils worked best after letting them saturate for a longer period of time. Make sure to saturate the coil nicely before and let it sit for at least 15minutes. I found the vapor and taste improved considerably after you get through at least a quarter or half a tank.

The vapor production is massive on the Crown tank, particularly on the 0.25ohm coil at 100W. It is possibly the best vapor we have seen to date on any sub ohm tank. I know they all produce huge amounts, so it is difficult to see which produces more, but I think the Crown was particularly impressive.

Top Build Quality

The build quality on the Crown sub ohm tank seems very good. The tank can be taken apart really easily and all the grooves can be screwed and unscrewed nice and smoothly. There was no leaking from the tank whatsoever. The top filling function works really well and is great for refilling the tank without having to unscrew the bottom. The drip tip is a nice wide bore drip tip and fits into the top nice and securely, without any wobbling. Overall the whole tank felt solid and well crafted. Its stainless steel build means that it looks really sleek and elegant.

The coils are also 100% food grade stainless steel. I haven’t seen this on any of the other sub ohm tanks so far and it seems to work insanely well, as the flavor and clouds are absolutely immense!

Good Range of Coils and Wattages

Crown Coil vs. Aspire Atlantis Coil

I like the fact that the Crown tank comes with 4 different types of coils. The 1.2-ohm single coil will allow for some slightly lower wattage ranges for your 30W and 50W devices and the dual coils will work well on your higher wattage devices (80W-150W).

The coils are 100% imported organic cotton and wicked extremely well. We did not experience any wicking issues or dry hits using a 75% VG e-liquid. They have 4 decent sized juice holes, which allows for decent wicking.

Kit Comes with 3 Coils

Most of the other sub ohm tanks only come with the two coils however the Crown comes with 3! I really like the fact you get 3 coils in the kit and means the kit provides pretty good value at $39.99.

Fully Disassemble-able

The tank comes apart really easily and all the connections are butter smooth. Unlike the Joyetech Delta 2 for instance, the Crown Tank comes fully apart, which means you can give the whole tank a nice cleaning and get rid of any build up. See the pic beside for the tank fully disassembled.

Nice Airflow

The air flow system features two air flow holes on either side of the tank. It’s a similar set-up to the SMOK VCT, but perhaps with slightly larger air flow holes. When turning the airflow dial, it clicks very lightly and you can easily twist the dial into the position you want.

Decent Sized Tank (4ml)

The tank is a very decent 4ml but seems a lot bigger. I couldn’t measure the exact capacity but it seemed a bit more than 4ml in my opinion. The tank, as mentioned above, can be either filled from the top or the bottom and there are decent sized gaps for you to drip the e-liquid down.

Areas for improvement on the Crown Sub Ohm tank by Uwell

Honestly, there isn’t much to say in terms of negatives on this tank. It’s one of the newer sub ohm tanks to hit the market and it has really impressed us. I think Kanger and Aspire will really need to watch out, as it seems as though the competition has caught up and perhaps even surpassed them when it comes to these new sub ohm cartomizers. It is very exciting times indeed for vapers with all this competition leading to some fantastic products entering the market! I don’t see how these sub ohm tanks will get any better, but I am sure they will find a way.

RBA section

At the moment there is no RBA section for the Crown tank, so this might be a slight negative for some people.

Limited Availability

The Crown sub ohm tank is not yet available in any stores that I can find online. This might have changed since I wrote this, but currently, as we do the review, it isn’t available yet. It is still a very new tank, and we have been very impressed by it, so don’t think it will be long until this one is featured in a lot of shops.

Conclusion of our Crown Sub Ohm Tank Review by Uwell

This sub ohm tank vaped phenomenally well and I am running out of superlatives for it. It seems every week we are finding a better sub ohm tank. Last week we reviewed the Freemax Starre and the Herakles, which were both extremely impressive, but I think with its top filling capability, the Crown sub ohm tank by Uwell, might just win it at the higher wattage ranges. I would go as far as saying this is our favorite sub ohm tank we have tried to date! I would recommend using the Crown on its 0.25ohm dual coil on a high wattage device like the IPV4 or the Sigelei 150W, as you will be firing the 0.25-ohm head at around 80-120W.

The build quality, airflow, wicking and tank capacity were all very impressive with the Crown sub ohm tank. There is little I can say in terms of negatives apart from the fact it doesn’t come with an RBA and that there is, at the minute, not much availability for this tank. I really hope vendors start stocking this tank, as I am sure it will sell very well!

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If you have any questions at all regarding the Crown tank or anything else, just drop us a comment below!

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