Apollo eGo Clearomizer CE4 (Stardust) – 5 PACK

The Ego CE4 starter kit is the latest product in vaporizing technology to help people shift from tobacco based cigarette usage to inhaling vapor of nicotine flavored e-liquid. The kit consists of two lithium batteries and the customer can choose between various colors before buying a clearomizer, USB charger, wall adapter and a user manual.

The user has to connect the battery to the clearomizer and fill the e-liquid along the side of the clearomizer. The hole in the middle of the clearomizer is the passage or air flow. Do not pour the liquid, in the middle. Wait for the liquid to flow through the coil. It almost takes 20 seconds.  There is a button which you need to press, in order to start the vaporizing process.

The button indicates the time for changing the battery or refilling the liquid through a series of light flashes. The battery can be connected to a USB charger which, in turn, can be connected to the wall adapter. The battery comes in different specifications and colors too. The product is covered with rubberized coating to prevent slippery and increased comfort in holding the product.

Pros and cons of the  Ego CE4 starter kit

  • It is easy to connect and dismantle the EGO CE4 product
  • The only tool to use, is a scissor to cut the tip of the e-liquid bottle.
  • About 1.6 ml of e-juice can last all day long, for average to moderate user.
  • The battery life of the lithium battery is higher than its previous versions.
  • Odorless vapors are emitted from the product and yet, it gives the nicotine touch, to the users.
  • The transparent tank helps to determine when to refill the liquid.
  • There are many flavored e-liquid for people with different tastes.
  • Using it has proven to reduce the craving for cigarettes.
  • The e-liquid refilling is easy and can be bought easily through online sites.


  • The tips are fragile and have to be used carefully to avoid damage.
  • For starters, the size and color do not give a feel of the cigarette.


Those who want to give up cigarettes or are having a hard time to be with people who cannot stand cigarette smoking or smell, can shift to this product. Though the tips are fragile and have to be tightened carefully to avoid breakage, the connecting and dismantling process is very easy. The users need not use a syringe to fill the liquid. With different colors and different flavors, this product is a perfect suit for all smokers.

The battery life has been enhanced and the time taken for a battery to charge fully is three hours. However, once the battery is charged, it lasts for one to two days, on an average. The process of changing the battery is very simple and less time consuming. The cost of the Ego CE4 starter kit will be equal to the amount of money spent by a moderate smoker. Overall, it is a great product to purchase.

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