eGo-W E-Cigarette Review

The eGo e-cigarette has changed a great deal since its first appearance in the form of products such as the Inferno e-cigarette in 2010. Although the original eGo models were all designed by Joyetech, outside companies have since begun to develop their own variations. Today, you can find a variety of different eGo-type e-cigarettes with vastly different appearances, features and price ranges. The eGo-W is one of the most interesting variations on the eGo; instead of delivering e-liquid to the heating coil with a tank system such as that of the eGo-Tank, it has its own built-in cartomizer called an Eliq cartridge. So, how do the eGo-W and its Eliq cartridge perform? Let’s find out.

eGo-W E-Cigarette: General Impressions

When you open the box for the eGo-W e-cigarette, you’ll find the following items:

Two 650 mAh batteries
Two Eliq cartomizers
Two cartomizer shells matching the color of the battery
Two black whistle tips
Two pen caps matching the color of the battery
USB charger
Wall charger
Needle-tip bottle

Filling eGo-W Cartomizer

Filling the eGo-W Cartomizer

Opening the package, I was immediately struck by how nice the batteries, cartomizer shells and pen caps felt; they have the same satin feel that I loved so much in the Halo Element and Halo G6. When the eGo-W is assembled, it’s small and light and does closely resemble a pen — I even liked the deep red color, which I couldn’t quite capture with my camera.

The eGo-W uses the same attachment threading as other eGo e-cigarettes, making it compatible with any 510- or 306-threaded atomizers or cartomizers you might own. However, I’m going to focus on using the eGo-W with the included Eliq cartomizer, as you may have difficulty fitting the cartomizer shell and pen cap over other attachments.

Using the included needle-tip bottle, filling the Eliq cart is quite easy. Simply fill the bottle, pull the cartomizer shell and mouthpiece off of the Eliq cartridge and look for the small filling hole positioned off to the side. Place the needle over the hole and push gently until it slips through to the tank. It’s a tight fit to discourage leaking, so don’t worry if you feel a little resistance. Squeeze about 2 ml of e-liquid into the Eliq cartridge, push the cartomizer shell back over the eGo-W battery and push the mouthpiece over the shell. You’re ready to go.
eGo-W E-Cigarette Design

eGo-W E-Cigarette Design
eGo-W E-Cigarette: Performance

I tested my eGo-W e-cigarette with Halo Freedom Juice, an e-liquid with a nice strong tobacco flavor that particularly shines on lower-voltage devices. Upon filling the Eliq cartridge and taking a puff, I had a little trepidation as I’ve had a number of CE2-style cartomizers feed e-liquid poorly and produce dry, harsh vapor in the past. I’m pleased to report that the eGo-W doesn’t have this problem; I was able to get a nice, flavorful cloud of vapor immediately after filling the cartomizer for the first time.

What impressed me even more about the eGo-W was the unusual quality of the vapor; although it was quite cool and had very low throat hit, the vapor was very full-flavored. I was getting the same great flavor that I remember from when I first reviewed Freedom Juice on my Inferno e-cigarette with a low-resistance atomizer, but I wasn’t getting any of the heat. It was really different. I think this would make the eGo-W a compelling e-cigarette for anyone who likes their vapor extremely mild without compromising on the flavor.

The battery life of the eGo-W is one of its primary features. Thanks to the relatively high 2.4 ohm resistance of the Eliq cartomizer creating a very light load on the battery, I was able to use the eGo-W on and off for nearly a week before I finally had to take it apart for recharging.

Although the eGo-W has a pen cap that makes carrying easy, you’ll want to avoid jostling it as much as possible when you bring it outside the house. I clipped the eGo-W to the inside of my pocket for a day out on the town, and I noticed after a little while that the Eliq cartomizer was gurgling. Some of the e-liquid had seeped up to the top part of the cartomizer, clogging the heating coil and decreasing the vapor production. The normally smooth, free draw was suddenly tight and restricted. That was definitely a bit of a downer, given the convenient, portable package that the eGo-W becomes when the cap is in place.

If your eGo-W starts to gurgle, you can clear the obstruction by pulling off the mouthpiece and cartomizer shell and removing the Eliq cartomizer. Place a paper towel on the end of the cartomizer and blow through just firmly enough to make the gurgling stop. Wipe away the excess e-liquid, put the eGo-W back together and you’re ready to go.

The eGo-W e-cigarette includes two Eliq cartomizers, which means that you’ll need to think about buying replacements after a couple of months. Vapor Alley sells replacement cartomizers for $5.95 each, although you can reduce the price by five percent using the edripping coupon code. So, one thing to consider about the eGo-W is the cost of ownership; if you use it with the Eliq cartomizers, the long-term costs may be slightly higher than with other e-cigarettes as standard cartomizers tend to retail at a little over $10 per five-pack. Although you can use the eGo-W with any atomizer or cartomizer you like, doing so will mean that you’ll be sacrificing the cool appearance that you get from using the full three-part assembly of the battery, cartomizer shell and pen cap.
eGo-W E-Cigarette: Conclusion

The eGo-W is a really interesting e-cigarette. It looks great, and the Eliq cartomizers are far more reliable than I expected them to be. What’s even more interesting is the quality of the vapor; although the eGo-W produces quite a high volume of vapor, it’s quite cool and has very little throat hit. In spite of the low throat hit, the vapor is quite full-flavored. Although I did get a bit of gurgling when I carried the eGo-W in my pocket, the Eliq cartomizer didn’t leak at all. The eGo-W is a nice little e-cigarette for the right type of e-smoker.

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