Electronic Cigarettes Liquid

E Liquid for electronic cigarettes is a special aroma for nicotine solution, which is used for refueling cartridges in an e-cigarette device. Its application will allow you to save on purchasing new cartridges.

Quality liquid provides the same great taste, aroma and steam volume, as if you were using a new cartridge.

Proprietary liquid from e-cigarette depending on the content of nicotine can be:

  • Strong (18 mg)
  • Medium (12 mg)
  • Light (6 mg)
  • Zero (no nicotine)

What are the use of liquid for electronic cigarettes?

If you purchased the e-cigarette device, we recommend to buy liquid for the electronic cigarettes of the same brand. Using the quality e-cigarette liquid will allow you as long as possible to maintain the normal operation of your e-cigarette device.

Liquid for electronic cigarettes available in the market today have many advantages in comparison with similar mixtures from each other manufacturers:

  • Liquid from branded manufacturers meets all quality standards, as is done under strict control.
  • Concentration of 100% corresponds to the claimed composition (nicotine, propylene glycol and water in a proper ratio).
  • E-cigarette liquid does not contain impurities detrimental compounds.
  • Another advantage of quality liquid is the wealth of choice. In online you can order the liquid for electronic cigarettes in the traditional tobacco flavor, unusual fruit, berry, coffee and other flavors.

Refilled cartridge produces about the same amount of steam as one pack of regular cigarettes. If you divide the cost of the liquid on the number of refills, we find that the price of one refueling is only $2 or less (it dependence on purchase of a bottle quantity). It’s even available cheaper than a pack of regular cigarettes!

How to refill cartridge?

One of the most popular ways to refill the cartridge is to pull the plug and latex pad of cartridge, then drip 3-5 drops of liquid into the cartridge. Then wait at least 2-3 minutes, and you can collect the cartridge and reinsert into the device and enjoy electronic smoking.

You can also follow the other easy methods and instructions for filling cartridges in electronic cigarette by yourself.

What rules should be remembered tucking cartridge?

  • Purchase only high-quality liquid
  • Not refill the cartridge different taste and aroma
  • Use alcohol to wipe the cartridges always
  • Do not refill the same cartridge no more than 10 times
  • Carry a few napkins to avoid staining your hands
  • Not refill the cartridges in a hurry: because you can make a mistake and accidentally spoil it.

Remember, the pleasure you get from e-smoking, largely depends on how well you manage to select a liquid for e-cigarette. buying branded products from branded company, you can be 100% sure of its quality and safety!

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