Envy Delight Disposable E-Cigarette Review

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The Envy Delight

The Envy Delight is the least expensive offering in Envy’s lineup of electronic cigarettes, costing just $12.95 before discounts. I’ve been using electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes for about two years now, which qualifies me as a rather experienced e-smoker given the relatively short time in which this hobby has existed. With all of the e-cigarette reviews that I’ve written on eDripping, I’ve covered only one disposable model — the Volcano disposable e-cigarette. I guess that I’ve never considered disposable e-cigarettes to be particularly good deals. You have few choices in terms of flavor, and since a disposable gives you the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes at the most, they don’t cost a great deal less than cigarettes.

My research suggests, though, that a lot of first-time e-smokers start with disposable e-cigarettes. Maybe they want to try e-smoking in the least expensive manner possible before stepping up to a full starter kit like the Envy NirVana. Or, maybe people try disposable e-cigarettes because that’s what tends to be available in convenience stores, pharmacies and gas stations. It could also be that a lot of people don’t know how many different e-liquid manufacturers there are and assume that all e-cigarettes taste the same. Regardless of the reason, I decided that I needed to spend a bit more time covering disposable e-cigarettes. I asked Envy if they could provide a sample for an Envy Delight review, and I have been using their tobacco and menthol disposable e-cigarettes on and off in the time since.

Envy Delight: The Basics

Right off the bat, I can say that the Envy Delight screams “social smoker.” Until trying the Envy Delight, I had never seen a disposable e-cigarette in any color other than plain white or plain black with an orange or red LED. The Delight e-cigarette shirks these conventions with a bright green LED and a stylish green, black and white design that would certainly attract a great deal of attention anywhere. It’s downright cute, in fact. The Envy Delight is certainly one of the most attractive e-cigarettes I’ve seen to date. Also, disposable e-cigarettes are always good buys for social smokers; if you only smoke a few nights out of the week, the Delight disposable could potentially last more than a month.

First-time e-smokers may compare different brands of disposable e-cigarettes and note that the Envy Delight has a manual button, while many disposables have automatic batteries that create vapor when you inhale. However, the automatic battery in a disposable e-cigarette often has a slight delay before activating. When you puff, you’ll inhale plain air for a split second before you actually get vapor. Since disposable e-cigarettes often cut off after five seconds or so to prevent overheating, that split second matters. With the Envy Delight, you can press the button to activate the heating coil before you inhale. As a result, you get more vapor per puff with the Envy Delight than you would with another product such as the Volcano disposable e-cigarette.

Envy Delight: Performance and Flavor

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