Good n’ Evil Raz-Berry E-Juice Review


Nicotine Strength  0mg 3mg 6mg

VG/PG  80/20

Bottle Size  60ml

Price  $9.49/60ml bottle


Freshly picked Raspberry which you can’t just resist.


This e-juice comes in an aluminum bottle with a black cover. The brand name is clearly printed in front and it is very straightforward with the flavor which is written in the lower part of the bottle along with the bottle capacity and nicotine strength. Photos of fresh raspberries are what the design is all about.

The Flavor

Taste of summer means the taste of freshly picked raspberries. The sweet-tart flavor of raspberry makes it perfect in a pie, cupcakes, dessert and even e-juice. This e-juice has the perfect taste of fresh and ripe red raspberries. It has a bit of tart-like

taste in the beginning and sweetness at the end. It has a sweet taste but not too sweet as a strawberry. Upon opening the bottle, you will smell the gentle sweetness and feels like you have a real raspberry in front of your nose. This sweetness makes me feel the excitement to vaping this flavor. The mildly sweet flavor is very irresistible. You will feel like having your first bite of freshly picked raspberry on the inhale and the sweet-tart taste at the end. This flavor will surely remind you of summer. Try one now and see for yourself.

Throat Hit

As we all know, throat hit is the feeling you get when the vapor enters our throat on its way to our lungs, and the higher the nicotine level, the stronger the throat hit. As being a flavor explorer when it comes to e-juice, I got this from Strictly Juice with the 0mg level. I had a smooth and gentle throat hit with this one, almost no throat hit at all. There is no dryness of the mouth or the thirsty feeling afterwards. There is a bit sweet-tart aftertaste but not weird at all. It has a mild or little throat hit with an improved taste. This e-juice offers nothing but pure enjoyable vaping experience.


Cloud Production

This e-juice has VG/PG Ratio of 80/20 which is a good ratio. A big and generous amount of clouds was produced when I first tried it. The clouds lingered for a while and did not disappear right away. It has a nice smell of fresh raspberry which reminds me of the summer. The sweetness remains even after the clouds disappear. What I like is that the sweet smell of this e-juice is not irritating to the nose. If you are a cloud chaser, you may want to give it a try.

Nicotine Strength

The flavor and throat hit of your e-juice are affected by the nicotine level it has. This e-juice comes in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. I got the 0mg and there is absolutely  the smoothest throat hit I have ever experienced. You may opt to try higher nicotine strength if you want a stronger throat hit.

Where to Buy?

If you want to explore more flavors of fantastic e-juice like this Good n’ Evil Raz-Berry, you may order yours online from Strictly Juice. They have budget friendly prices and it will be delivered to your front door. There are also wide categories of e-juices available.

Final Verdict

Good n’ Evil absolutely got this one right with the flavor. The taste will give you the feeling that you have real raspberries in your mouth. The sweetness is just the right amount and a good value for your money. As for the throat hit, this e-juice provides a good and gentle throat hit. No harshness and no irritations. Just smooth and mild sensation which is expected. As for the cloud production, this is a good e-juice for cloud chasers as it gives you a big amount of clouds. The mild sweet-tart smell of the cloud is not bothersome to the nose and stays even after the clouds disappear.

I have come up with a new favorite flavor which is Raz-Berry. The performance is superb and it has a cheap price. This premium e-liquid and readily available online at Strictly Juice. Buy it now and have some fun vaping.


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