GS H2 Bottom Coil Clearomizer

Whether are you a veteran looking for something more affordable or a new user trying out the vaping experience, the GS-H2 Clearomizer has something to offer.

Boasting a newer development in technology use and better design, this clearomizer will give you good vaping experience without breaking your bank in the meantime.

Why GS-H2 Clearomizer

Introducing some features of the newest improvements in technology of e-cigarette, there are a few things that set GS-H2 Clearomize apart from all other vaporizer. The clearomizer is great for new user of vaporizer because it is the closest design to a cigarette. With every puff, something hits your throat and produces vapor.

  • No leakage. The plastic used is very thick make a sturdy base. The secured seal of this clearomizer prevents leakage and keeps the smell inside.
  • The tank. The tank system is a newer design in clearomizer. Because the clearomizer is made out of a translucent plastic. It is easy to track the content of your tank making it easier than ever to know when to refill.
  • Easy to use. Either you are replacing the coil or refilling the 1.6ml tank, both are very simple to execute. Replacing the coil head is very simple and make your vaping experience a lot more affordable and on budget.
  • New Design. A long with the standard eGo-threading, this new style of clearomizer present to you a single piece drip-tip and tube.

How to Replacing the coil-head

Ease of use is definitely one of the biggest plus in this clearomizer. Unlike the larger rebuildable type of atomizer, this system is surely a lot less intimidating to use. Also, being able to keep replacing the coil will make this a good investment. To replace the coil-head just unscrew the base of the clearomizer. Then, unscrew the atomizer head. Change the old coil for a new one. Screw everything back the way it was.

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