Gummy Kisses Vape Juice by Lips & Drips E-Juice Review

One of the thrills of vaping is that there is always some new flavor to discover. Lips & Drips offer vapers three new e-liquids to enjoy; Cupcakes Kisses, Tropical Kisses and Gummy Kisses. Each is unique and appreciated by vapers.

Lips & Drips offer e-liquids with the flavors of cookies, cakes, or sweets.  One particular that is widely popular is Gummy Kisses e-juice. You do not have to reminisce your childhood to enjoy the flavor of Gummy candies. With Lips & Drips you can vape the delicious sweets that you liked in your childhood. You will enjoy every vape and have a thrilling experience.

A Fantastic Flavor

Gummy Kisses by Lips & Drips combines juicy fresh strawberries with exquisite gummy bears to create a burst of flavors that is sweet with tantalizing hints of sourness. If you’ve ever tasted the red gummy bear, it’s the fantastic flavor of wild cherry with hints of raspberry.

When you vape, your palate is hit with hints of the different fruity-candy flavors and layers of fresh strawberries. It is very delicious and will remind you of the sweets you enjoyed as a child. There is a pleasant aftertaste of fresh strawberries that entices you for more puffs.

VG/PG Ratio

Gummy Kisses offers max VG which attracts cloud chasers. The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) is 70/30.  Cloud chasers who get their thrill from seeing abundant clouds like the thick vapor. The e-juice has somewhat of slight thickness. However, it is easy on coils. You will relish a full experience vaping if you use a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer.

Nicotine Strength

Gummy Kisses by Lips & Drips is available in three different nicotine strengths; 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg. The choice will depend whether you desire no throat hit or a mild throat hit. If you like the thrill of vaping without any throat hit, 0mg is perfect.With 3mg and 6mg, vapers experience a mild throat hits. On the exhale, there is a smooth sensation that is not overpowering. The feeling is pleasant and soothing. There is no weird sensation such as itching or charring on the throat or nose.


The cardboard box of Gummy Kisses is quite simple. All you have is a plain rectangular white box full of small black spots all over. You will find on the box all necessary information. Printed on the box is the logo, the product name, the company’s Facebook and the Instagram web address, and a detailed description of the ingredients. There is also a bar coding and a mandatory notification regarding products containing nicotine

Gummy Kisses come in clear a plastic unicorn bottle. The label has the similar design pattern like on the box and contains the same information.  The bottle has a shape that facilitates dripping. Gummy Kisses is available in a 60 ml bottle.


You will find Lips & Drips products at very competitive prices on the market. Gummy Kisses are available at a bargain price of only $14.99.  That’s a bargain price for premium-quality vape juice. You obtain value for money and will be able to have the best vaping experience.


You can enjoy Gummy Kisses as a fruity-candy treat. It will delight you and remind you of the candies you ate as a child. Gummy Kisses is the classic flavor of candies you relished. It’s a sticky strawberry gummy flavor.

You do not have to reminisce your childhood to enjoy the taste of candies. With Gummy Kisses, you will delight with the fantastic flavor of red gummy bears and strawberry. The company created the e-juice to be enjoyed among friends. 

You will relish Gummy Kisses as if you were in your childhood days. The delicious fruity-candy treat is perfect to indulge in each time you want to fill the thrill of vaping or desire a snack. With each vape, you will still crave more.

Lips & Drips ejuice uses only natural ingredients to create its e-juices. They are brewed to the highest of standards using the latest technology. All their products are premium-quality and very popular on the market. If you like candy-flavored eliquids, you will enjoy vaping Lips & Drips.


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