Halo Tribeca E-Juice Review

Craving for a smooth yet satisfying e-juice that gives off a hint of vanilla and caramel with a sweet finish? Then you should try Tribeca by Halo, dubbed as one of the top e-juice flavors by many tobacco lovers out there.

Tribeca is an RY4, a name given for tobacco e-liquids that are caramel and vanilla in flavor. The e-liquid itself is brown in color, and the moment you break the seal, nothing comes out but the smell of caramel richness. This is like a tobacco on the dessert vape level. And it leaves a delightful maple-caramel aroma in the air. Its vanilla content feels smooth, and there is also a roasted flavor that makes this a bit nutty. But if you are a nut lover like me and is looking for that really nutty blend, then you would likely find this underwhelming.

On the inhale, you could get a rich flavor blasting towards your mouth. On the exhale, you could experience the greener notes of woodsy tobacco. This flavor is closely similar to HHV’s Huntsman and loosely similar to Burley by Yaeliq. The e-juice gives off a strong wood flavor that initially hits your mouth and flows right into that dry tobacco flavor with a slight tinge of sweetness towards the end. Take note, this is not a sweet liquid, although it does leave a nice and sweet nicotine taste in your mouth.

For tobacco lovers who are not craving for the super exotic tastes of Perique or Cavendish, then this could be your perfect all-day vape partner. This is recommended for those who are into neutral flavors. So again, if you are into tobacco vapes, give this flavor a shot!

Since this is Halo, the usual “perfumey” or “powder” aftertaste is present. Unless you are not a Halo fan, you may probably not like this. It could be intolerable for a bottom coil clearomizer, while the other flavors are prominent in a low resistance atomizer. However, the aftertaste actually varies among blends. It vapes extremely clean and crisp with a good bite at the end. Unlike most vape, this lives up to its description — what you read is what you would really get. It also gives off a tremendous throat hit and the vapor production is all good. Throat hit even at 24 mg is moderate; it is not that harsh at all and it gives a satisfying drag.

Presentation-wise, Halo did a pretty good job for Tribeca’s product art as it actually shows the top notes of what this juice tastes like – sweet earth tones and shades of grain and brown. It has a very professional packaging and, not to mention, a very attractive logo.

Halo was first launched in the United States in 2009. It is one of the most well-known e-juice suppliers today. Aside from selling online, its products are also widely distributed in brick and mortar locations. It now accommodates to up to 6,000 visitors each month. It claims to be the first major e-liquid company to make its liquid in the United States instead of reselling e-liquids from a supplier in China. With a host of quality products to offer, Halo is making it possible for vapers to not only start with them but actually stay and grow with them. The company’s liquid design priorities include creative blends, high vapor production, and solid nicotine satisfaction even at lower nicotine concentrations.

Now are you excited to give Halo’s best-selling liquid a try? Make sure you get yourself a nice vaping mod. Beginners could start using the Aspire Zelos Kit, which costs only AUD $74.95, while advanced vape users could go for the Innokin Kroma Kit for only AUD $64.95. Both mods are readily available at https://caktusvape.com for the cheapest possible prices on the market today.

The Tribeca e-juice by Halo has three different nicotine concentration strengths. It is available in 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg/ml at Caktus Vape. It has a standard vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio by Halo (such proprietary information is not disclosed by the company to prevent competitors from duplicating its e-liquid).

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a bottle of the popular Tribeca by Halo for as low as AUD $24.95 at Caktus Vape now. Every penny you spend will be totally worth it.


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