Hammer Mechanical Mod Clone

Advanced mod users may enjoy this particular hammer mod as it is not only eye catching but made of quality stainless steel material.

The Firefly Dry Herb Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer. Some of the major Firefly Dry Herb Vaporizer review points we will discussing below include:

  • It’s quality, shape, and weight
  • About the chamber
  • The Battery
  • Additional Equipment included
  • Quality of the vapor
  • Quality, Size, and Weight

The quality of the vaporizer is excellent. It has a slick design that most find impressive. Probably the only major down side about this vaporizer is its weight. While it can easily be carried in your pocket, it weighs around 278 grams, which is a lot heaver than many other similar portable vaporizers. However, while it is a little bit heavier, it’s not a major downfall due to its performance.

About the Chamber

The chamber can be found by opening the shell of the device, similar to opening the back of a cell phone to display its battery. The chamber is small, and it wouldn’t be recommended to add more than .1 of a gram into it. While you can definitely add more than .1 of a gram into the chamber, you want to keep the herb inside the chamber loose to allow optimal burning to obtain the best quality of vapor.

The Battery

One major plus about after doing a Firefly Dry Herb Vaporizer review is the fact that you can remove the battery, as some vaporizers don’t allow you to do this. Having a removable battery allows you to carry an extra battery or two in case you will be using it on the go.

Battery life

The battery life is fairly decent, and the number of draws you can receive depends upon how heavy of draws you are taking. If you prefer to take heavy draws, then you can expect to get around 20 draws before the performance of the battery is significantly lowered.

While you will only get around 20 heavy draws from a fully charged battery with the Firefly Vaporizer, recharging only takes around 45 minutes. Because of this, many prefer to use this vaporizer more at home over using it while on the go. However, by obtaining extra batteries, you can easily use it for both purposes.

Additional Equipment Included with the Firefly Vaporizer

Additional equipment included with the Firefly Dry Herb Vaporizer includes a brush and a small plastic pick to use for cleaning purposes. This vaporizer requires to be regularly cleaned, maybe after 10 or so draws, so you will definitely want to keep the cleaning supplies with the vaporizer whenever you are using it. This is another reason why this vaporizer is more often recommended to be used at home over using it on the go.

Quality of the Vapor

The quality of the vapor is excellent, allowing you to get your desired amount of vapor with each draw. While the instructions provide a vague description on how to use the vapor, it does take a little bit of technique for you to master it in order to get the vapor draw you desire. However, after you have experimented with it after some time, you will soon learn how to master it and get your optimal draw.

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