How to Fix a Leaky Vape Tank

Have you struggled from a leaky vape tank? Every vaper encounters this common problem at some point. When you reach out into your pocket, you will have your hands soaked with e-liquid. You’ll have a hard time cleaning your clothes and embarrassing yourself because of the messy e-liquid all over your mouth. You’ll also get an unpleasant taste from direct contact with e-liquids. 

Some vaping devices and tanks are popular for leaking. But you can do a few things to either refrain this from happening or fix it if leaking has already started. The important thing is to use sub ohm tanks that don’t leak. The good thing about these devices is that it is fixable. You can fix the leaking problem as long as the tank is still working.  

Dissemble the Device 

Get paper towels to dry the excess e-liquid. Gently blow air at the tip to stop the gurgling sounds. Closely check your tank for any cracks or holes. Cracks occur because of many reasons. You might have dropped your glass tank.  

Citrus flavored vape juices can damage the plastic tanks. Replace the tube of your tank right away if you see cracks or re-purchase a new tank. If ever your setup has spare o-rings which is the small circles made of plastic to keep everything together. When these o-rings get damaged and worn down, replace it to stop any possible leaks. 

Change Your Coil 

There are times that you’ll encounter flooding and leaking because of your coils. The e-liquid will produce hot splatters that will fly to your mouth. If you haven’t changed your coils recently, try to do it now. Screw them tightly. But don’t overdo it. You might have a hard time unscrewing them or removing them once you replace them. 

Fill Your Sub Ohm Tank Properly 

Every part of the tank has its own function. If you fill your tank with e-liquid in a wrong manner, you are wasting it. Check the manual to prevent this from happening. Never put e-liquid in the center tube, where massive clouds come out. To know the specific areas in your tank and its functions, visit They’ll be glad to assist with your device. 

Use the Correct E-Liquid 

When you order an e-liquid, they will ask your vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio preference. This ratio highly depends on your entire setup and coils. To know which blend fits you best, you must research well the mod settings. If your e-liquid is too thick or thin for your device, you will have leaks. 

Never Inhale Like a Cigarette 

That’s why people resort to vaping because of smoking. They wanted to quit smoking but forgot to remember that these are two different things. In smoking cigarettes, you inhale quickly and firmly. In vaping, you inhale softer and longer. The atomizer does its job to vaporize the e-liquid. Taking it easy will also lessen the chances of a dry hit. 

Turn Up the Wattage 

When you turn up the wattage too fast, you will have dry hits. It can also burn the coils, thus, leading to leaks. To prevent this from happening, you turn the wattage up in small intervals until you have that sweet spot you like. 

Final Thoughts 

First, you must know your setup and your coils. You understand that flooding and leaking are two different things. Flooding happens when you inhale with great pressure. It’s not cool! Your coil heats up and won’t absorb all the e-liquid. The battery will die, and there’s an unpleasant taste of the e-liquid. Leaking is more on cracks in your device. Some e-liquids cannot tolerate the high temperature and will leak out into hot gasses. 

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