Kanger Protank III / 3 Clearomizer

The Protank 3 Clearomizer from Kanger is equipped with the same great features as its contemporaries while offering a much improved performance.

A revolutionary product, you simply cannot hope to pass up on it if you are planning to puff up some striking smoke clouds. Equipped with dual heating elements capable of producing twice the vapor under ordinary circumstances, this bottom coil clearomizer features a new and unique style.

The Bottom Dual Coil model is a significant upgrade from the single coil tanks not least because of the dual coils but largely due to the unique design on the airflow system and replaceable coil. This different design was mainly aimed at eliminating common issues like leakage, gurgling and airy draw that is a common experience with the single coil design tanks. It also prevents external influence on flavors such that you are allowed the experience of a pure and true taste.

Features of Protank 3 Clearomizer:

Some of the design features that are unique to the Protank 3 Clearomizer Bottom Dual Coil model are listed as follows:

  • It is equipped with replaceable atomizer heads that are interchangeable with EVOD and Protank 1 models
  • Dual Bottom Coil for producing more smoke
  • Tank design made of pyrex glass
  • Tank capacity is approximately 2.5 ml
  • 510 Thread Protank design that is compatible with all other 510 Thread APV/MOD while not requiring an adapter
  • The clearomizer measures 3/4″Dx1-15/16″L when the drip tip is not taken into account

Usage and effective maintenance tips:

  • Avoid entry of liquid in any form into the metal tube at the center of the Clearomizer that leads to the battery end from the mouthpiece.
  • The seals get temporarily broken while unfastening the atomizer head allowing liquid to leak into the center tube from the mouthpiece. While unfastening the base, it is advisable to wrap the mouthpiece with a tissue or cloth piece.
  • Finding a minute quantity of liquid at the battery contact area is a common occurrence. Clean the battery before setting up to charge it.
  • While unscrewing the base or tube, the atomizer head may get unfastened. Secure the head before undertaking a reinstallation of the Protank base.

If you observe leaks or gurgling noises originating from the atomizer, it indicates the presence of liquid in the central metal tube of the Clearomizer. Draining the liquid helps resolve the issue. In order to do so without evacuating the tank, remove the battery, wrap a tissue or cloth at the battery end and blow air through the Clearomizer mouthpiece.

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