Ring Of Fire

Kind Juice natural Artisanal E-Liquid – Ring of Fire is a combination of uniqueness, satisfaction creativity and professional skill on the best vape juice. Taste is dead on, the vapor is incredible. If they stop carrying the danish, this will take its place. A deep sensational taste that sparks a fire in your taste buds. Sweet heat with an alarming cinnamon overtone makes this a hardly satisfaction of vaping experience. An early morning or all day nectar, this is not something you want to miss out on.

Kind Juice Use Organic everything, from organic sugar cane alcohol to Organic fruit and vegetable glycerin. It’s all about the flavor and the quality making this a high-end premium product made with affection, love, and care for the end user. Try any vape juice flavor you like; these all have excellent quality & vape very well.

Kind Juice E-Nectar
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Vegan Friendly
Ring of Fire – Sweet Cinnamon
Organic E-Juice
Pure VG E-Liquid
15ml Bottles

For many people, it get’s no better than a freshly baked batch of cinnamon fire for breakfast, complete with sugary, rich icing. Sadly, a small coma and feeling of guilt often follow the devouring of these tasty treats… Which makes baking a batch, a rarity for cinnamon bun lovers. Fear not, however, with a bottle of High Caliber E-Juice’s Ring Of Fire, and you can reminisce about these fattening treats without having to worry about becoming a diabetic after vaping it!

Taking the cap off of a bottle of Ring Of Fire releases a cacophony of smells that blend themselves together to recreate a tasty cinnamon vape juice bun imitation. A pastry base is evident through the scent, along with a sugary-sweet odor that’s indicative of the trademark “icing on the cake.” Finally, the smell of cinnamon is present in an ever so slight way, which really brings the whole juice together before it even leaves the bottle.

Wasting no time in enjoying this breakfast treat, we got it loaded up and ready to roll. With a strong, long inhale, we released the juice in its vaporous form and sat back in our seats to bask in its essence. The first thing we notice is a virtual lack of throat hit, which comes as a surprise, given the clear inclusion of ingredients like cinnamon. We expected a mild hit at first draw, however instead, we were met with a lazy draw that’s smooth, yet lacking.

Our disappointment with the throat hit was soon put behind us, however, as the flavor begins to hit our taste buds. There’s definitely a strong pastry taste that makes itself apparent first and foremost. It’s much like a Belgian waffle, though there is definitely a sweet component that lends itself to this flavor. After the initial flavor blanket, there’s a soft undertone of cinnamon that follows up, creating the final cinnamon taste that Ring Of Fire is named for. Overall, the taste is rich, yet doesn’t envelope our senses the way we hoped it would—it’s a slightly weaker taste that can clearly be called a passable imitation of the real thing, but falls short of a true comparison.

There’s plenty of vapor streaming from Ring Of Fire on the exhale to make it an enjoyable finish to this eJuice. Also pleasant to note is that the taste follows through into the exhale, compensating for the light flavor that we get on the draw.

In summation, Ring Of Fire is a valiant effort to reproduce the taste of a true morning cinnamon but falls a tad short of making us truly believe we’re munching on these fattening treats. What it lacks in flavor and throat hit, it makes up for in amazing smell and great vapor. If you’re a dessert vape, Ring Of Fire is a definite try, but it might not be one that you find yourself hoarding.

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