Lava Flow Ejuice by Naked 100 Review

In the vaping industry, it is near impossible to talk about quality vape juice without Naked 100 coming into the picture. Naked 100 offers a rich plethora of smooth and flavorful vape juices that will keep your tastebuds craving down to the last drop. The brand manufactures all of their ejuice flavors in the USA using high-quality ingredients and under strict standards of quality, so it is no surprise that they are able to achieve accurate replicas of the flavor profiles represented by each one of their ejuices. 

If you are new to vaping, or you just fancy a bit of an adventure from what you are used to, then you want to try out Naked 100’s Lava Flow ejuice. From the moment Lava Flow ejuice hit the market, it became a quick sensation. At some point, it was one of the most sought-after fruity ejuice blend. It is available at a discount at Ejuice.Deals so you do not spend as much. You can even afford to fill up your shelf with Naked 100’s Lava Flow ejuice, yes, it is that good. Just take one drag and find out for yourself.

Flavor Description

Lava Flow Ejuice by Naked 100 features a blend of ripe strawberries with two island staples, freshly cut pineapples, and smooth refreshing coconut. You are in for an explosion of tropical goodness. Lava flow ejuice promises a breath of ultimate vape satisfaction with every draw. Its irresistible and well-crafted flavor is what makes this ejuice stand out from the crowd even though it is not new.

Lava Flow Ejuice by Naked 100 Review

On the inhale, your taste buds are rewarded with a bold strawberry flavor that ignites your taste buds and is later softened up by the tangy pineapple flavor. Just when you think you had enough, on the exhale, the creamy blend of tantalizing coconut washes over your tongue still with notes of strawberry and pineapple to crown up a tropical experience that will sweep you off your feet. The multilayered flavor experience remains the same from the very first drop of eliquid down till the last drop.

Each one of the flavors tastes just as natural as the real deal, and they are well balanced so that none is overpowering another. Each flavor complements the other to create an ejuice that your tongue will not get tired of enjoying. Even long after you are done, you still enjoy the notes of flavor that will call you back for another draw.

Nicotine Strength

Just so that every vaper can get to enjoy this rich flavor, Naked 100 makes it available with varying nicotine strength levels. Lava Flow Ejuice by Naked 100 is available with 0mg of nicotine if you prefer to stay off completely. It is available in 3mg if you want a mild nicotine hit to accompany the rich flavor. It is also available in 6mg of nicotine for vapers that want to go all out.

VG and PG Ratio

If you want to know what is behind the smoothness of the throat hit, and the richness of flavor and vapor that you would get when you vape Lava Flow Ejuice by Naked 100, you need to look into its base ratio i.e just how much vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) is used in the ejuice mixture. 

Lava Flow Ejuice by Naked 100 Review

Lava Flow Ejuice by Naked 100 features a base ratio of 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG. Now you know why you will be enjoying intense flavors on the inhale and thick clouds on the exhale, all crowned with smooth throat hits.

Packaging and Price

Lava Flow Ejuice by Naked 100 comes in a 60ml plastic dropper bottle with a childproof cap. This might be one of the only cons of this ejuice, once you take a drag, you would realize how much more than 60ml you would need. Like we mentioned earlier, you can get Lava Flow Ejuice by Naked 100 at Ejuice Deals for as low as $13.99.


If you fancy a well-made tropical ejuice blend, Lava Flow Ejuice by Naked 100 will be your ideal choice. All in all, Naked 100 created something to satisfy every vaping checkbox you may have. If you ever thought “How can I find a vape near me?” Ejuice Deals is the answer. Being an online store, you can easily order your vape juice and have it delivered to you as soon as possible without any hassle.