Matt Cool Dragonfly E-juice Review

If you’re looking for a refreshing vape juice that can make you feel relaxed and loosen all those stretched muscles, Matt Cool has a nice range of high-quality premium ejuice you will appreciate. Just like the name suggests, there is a nice cool sensation you will obtain that de-stresses your body.

Dragonfly is one of Matt Cool’s products that is quite popular. It’s apple flavored, one of the best apple e-liquids that you will find on the market. Vapers that appreciate fruit flavored e-liquids will certainly find that this ejuice gives their body a nice cool blast that is refreshing. They will feel revitalized to continue their activities.

A Very Nice Flavor

Matt Cool use green apples to make an eliquid that has a nice sweet and tantalizing sour flavor. As you vape, you’re overwhelmed with the sweet taste of green apples. You feel a nice koolada in your throat and the slightly acidic green apple taste mixes with its sweetness to give delight to your taste buds.

The fruity taste encapsulates all the freshness of the green apple and the cool effect adds to the sensation to awaken and energize all your body. This is great for all-day vaping and you will appreciate and relish every draw. While most other vape liquids are made with red apples, the selection of green apples by Matt Cool offers new taste and experience to discover.

VG/PG Level

Dragonfly has a really well-balanced proportion of VG/PG. Matt Cool has chosen the proportion explicitly to capture all the goodness of green apples and to give the great sensation of vaping. The 50% vegetable glycerin level and 50% propylene glycol are perfect for both novice and experienced vapers looking for mild throat hits and abundant cloud production. Dragonfly produces nice clouds that have a good thickness and dissapates slowly.

Bottle and Packaging 

The bottle is made of clear plastic and has a safety cap. The label of the iconic Matt Cool trademark; the gorilla wearing sun glasses and a gold chain, covers most of the bottle. The cap is in the form of a funnel to facilitate dripping.

When you see Matt Cool products, they are easily recognizable. The cardboard box is full of colors selected to reflect the different flavors. The box of Dragonfly is green; indicative of green apples, and has some blue parts to remind of the cool and fresh sensation.

Nicotine Strength

You have the option of choosing either 3 mg or 6 mg nicitine strength. The low nicotine level is both for novice and experienced users seeking a mild throat hit and are more after flavor and cloud production.

Newbies just getting used to throat hit sensations would find 3 mg of nicotine level perfect while more experienced vapers seeking a mild throat hit may prefer a slightly higher nicotine level, like 6 mg.


Dragonfly cost $10.99 USD. A great value for money. It is among the best Malaysian vape juices 2018. Lots of care is taken in the brewing process to provide premium quality vape juice. Matt Cool uses only natural ingredients. Matt Cool is not a cheap ejuice, but is offered at a relatively better price than many other e-liquids of the same quality. This is a unique opportunity for all types of vapers to grab and stock up on premium quality products.


Dragonfly is a single flavored apple ejuice to enjoy. Many apple vape juices are on the market, but experienced vapers know that each have their unique particularities. Until recently, most apple vape juices used red apples. Vapers discover a brand new flavor and a new experience with Matt Cool green apple vape juice.

Matt Cool is a Malaysian ejuice manufacturer that ranks among the top best in the industry in Malaysia and worldwide. All its products rank high with vapers for taste and quality.

Dragonfly is part of a range of fantastic fruity vape juice of the company that top the list of most vapers. Matt Cool also has Pineapple Dash, Lemon King, Greedy Grapes, along with Dragonfly. The other products of  Matt Cool are also premium quality.

Dragonfly is one of the few eliquids manufactured with green apples. Most apple-flavored ejuices have red apples as main ingredient. The use of green apple gives a flavor that many vapers find fantastic. Dragonfly has the natural flavor of apples and gives fantastic vaping experience.


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