Medusa XL Battery Review

The Medusa XL Battery is a classic vaping device that will appeal to most vaping and hemp enthusiasts. This cart vaping system is produced by the Medusa brand to be easy to use and with high-quality materials. You can sure to enjoy many pleasant vaping experiences using the Medusa XL Battery. Below are some key features of the Medusa XL Battery that everyone show know about.


The Medusa XL Battery features a stylish design that can be described as sleek. This device is portable and can be carried around. It will also fit into the pockets without weighing it down. The Medusa XL Battery has a sleek finish that is available in different colors, including green and black. You will find the Medusa logo on the body of this vape device. The Medusa XL Battery is also designed to be easy to use and can be operated by anyone. This device comes with a single button that is used to fire the device. All you have to do is attach the cartridge, press fire and start vaping. The Medusa XL Battery is made with a strong chassis that will not break when It falls like others on the market.


The Medusa XL Battery comes fitted with a strong battery that has a capacity of 400 mAh. This 510 threaded XL battery is different from many others on the market. It is a built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You are sure to get lots of hits from this battery before it runs out of power. The Medusa XL Battery comes with a 510 threaded connection that holds your cartridge in place when vaping, so you don’t have to worry about the annoying rattling noise. The Medusa XL Battery lithium-ion battery can be charged using a micro USB cord.


The Medusa XL Battery functions excellently and is just what you need to enjoy your favorite flavor. This vape device works with oils and concentrates, and it has the right power; this device will not burn them. The Medusa XL Battery is designed to support the variable voltage that allows you to switch between 2.8v or 4.2v.

The Medusa XL Battery comes with different features that make vaping easier. This vaping device comes with smart heating. It is also designed to automatically adjust the voltage to fit the heating element of the cartridge, so it works excellently. And the Medusa XL Battery preheating mode allows the device to get the oil or concentrate ready before vaping. And the fire button works excellently; it is very responsive and starts producing vapor as soon as you hit it.

As stated earlier, the Medusa XL Battery is easy to operate. With the fire button, you can put this device on and off. You press it five times to put the Medusa XL Battery on and five times to put it off. You will also use this button to switch between voltage levels by pressing it three times. And you press activate the preheat function by pressing the fire button twice.


You can buy the Medusa XL Battery directly from the Medusa8 online store for $14.99. Buying from the manufacturer is the best since you can be sure of the quality. There are other advantages of buying directly from the Medusa store. The Medusa store has a user-friendly interface that makes shopping simple and fun. And you get free shipping for all orders over $100 buying from Medusa.