Mixing your own flavored juice…

One of the things I am frequently asked about is the nicotine liquid aka juice.This question always comes up after I say, “This is my new favorite flavor that I’ve made – Blueberry Mint juice”. The question is always, “You make your own cheap e juice ?!” This is always asked with a look on their face that makes me feel like they think I’m cooking meth at home. Just for the record – “NO… I am not cooking meth at home and NO… mixing your own juices is nothing like making meth. At least, I can’t imagine that making meth can be as easy as mixing nicotine juice otherwise I’m guessing everyone would be doing it…”

Here is a great way to think of it – have you ever made a mixed drink? Margarita? Vodka and soda? Midori Sour? If so, you have the necessary skills and experience to mix your own nicotine juice. You just need to know how. Let’s begin:

What do you need:

– Straight nicotine liquid. I like Totally Wicked liquid. I have several different flavors: Marlboro, 555/State Express, Cola, Red Bull, Menthol, and Flavorless

– Wilton Glycerin. I recommend you specifically use the Wilton brand glycerin as it is the purest you can supposedly get. You can purchase this at any Michael’s for about $3

– Lorann Oils. Once again, specifically use the Lorann brand oils. They have a ton of flavors that you can use to mix with. So far, I have coffee, mint/menthol, and blueberry

– Syringe or dropper. I have a 1ml plastic syringe that I purchased at the local Walgreen’s. This just makes it easier to measure quantities

– Small plastic bottles with dropper caps. These can be purchased online at U.S. Plastics. I like to use the 3ml natural dropper bottles since it’s a lot easier to carry around with me. Another benefit to the smaller bottles is, in case I lose it, I don’t feel too bad since it can’t hold that much.

Once you have these ingredients, here’s where the magic happens:

– Using your syringe, take 1ml of your nicotine liquid and put that into your 3ml bottle slowly. Be cautious that nicotine is considered a poison and you don’t want it squirting everywhere. In this small of a quantity, you don’t have to worry too much, but it’s always good to be careful. Safety first!

(Cap your nicotine liquid bottle. You don’t want to accidentally spill it)

– Using another syringe (or you can just wash/dry the same one used above), take 1ml of your Wilton Glycerin and put that into your bottle slowly. It’s not poisonous, just thick and slimy for clean-up.

(Cap your glycerin bottle. You don’t want to accidentally spill it)

– Take your flavored oils and put a few drops in. Don’t overdo it. Just a few drops for flavor. Yes, you can mix different flavored oils.

(Cap your Lorann bottle. You don’t want to accidentally spill it)

– I like to add a few more drops (maybe 1/4 – 1/2 ml) of the nicotine liquid afterward

(Cap your nicotine liquid bottle. You don’t want to accidentally spill it)

– Cap your dropper bottle and shake it up

Drip some into a cartridge, preferably a clean cartridge, and a clean atomizer and vape away. Add more drops of flavors if you want, to taste.

What are some other things you should know:

– Mixing is fun. You don’t need to be a chemist!

– 2 things to know about Glycerin: First, it will create more vapor and throat hit (yay!). Second, it will “cut” the level of nicotine in your juice, so I recommend buying stronger nicotine liquid specifically for mixing. However, the benefit of “cutting” is it will give you more juice to vape it. Here’s some math: If you have a 30ml bottle of 36mg nicotine liquid and cut that with 30ml of glycerin, you will end up with 60ml of 18mg best cheap e juice
. Not too shabby, eh?

– When mixing, I recommend you maintain at least 50% nicotine liquid. The other 50% can be glycerin with some drops of flavor. If you exceed 50% glycerin with flavor, you may not really get anything out of the nicotine. This is sort of like making a drink with so many mixers that you dilute the alcohol. Depending on what I’m mixing, I’ll sometimes do 60/40, 70/30, or 80/20, where the higher number represents the % of nicotine liquid

– Very important: There is no set way to make your own flavored juice. Meaning… you can’t really mess up. You might end up with a nasty flavor, but you can always dilute that with more nicotine juice and other flavors. Like mixing drinks or cooking, you can experiment to bring out different flavors. Have fun and try different things.

Leave me a comment with some of your favorite mixtures that you’ve made. You can also email me with your favorite recipes and I’ll post it on your behalf.

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