My. Von Erl Starter Pack Review

The My. Von Erl Starter Pack is a pod mod closed system e-cigarette that was designed for people who are making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to vaping. It’s the perfect starter device since it has no complicated settings and is draw-activated. It was designed to be like the experience of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The My. Von Erl feels like a premium product compared to other pod mod-based systems and vape pens designed for beginners. It has a smooth matte finish and comes in black color. It is also very easy to use. All you have to do is insert the pod, and you’re ready to start vaping. It is quite straightforward to attach the pod to the battery.

This e-cigarette has a very basic design. You have replaceable pods that can hold up to 1.6ml of e-liquid. There are 47 different e-juice flavors to choose from. Twelve of them are made by Von Erl, and the others are produced by other companies. Von Erl’s e-liquid flavors include Tabak Menthol, Mango Apricot, PinaCoChi, Eucalyptus Lemon and Blur Ice. The e-liquids come with different nicotine levels ranging from 0mg to 36mg.

If you are a heavy smoker, you can start with 12mg of nicotine and increase the nicotine level to give you the buzz you need. For those who smoke sparingly, 8mg or lower will do. The pods cost about $8 to $11 each. Inside the pod, which is made with frosted glass,  is the coil and some cotton wick. The gold-plated coil post is visible on the base of the pod and enables you to connect it to the battery. The coil has a resistance of 1.5ohms.

You can get the My. Von Erl Start Pack for only $13.95 on today. It is also available on many online vape shops.

As stated earlier, this is a closed system device and is draw-activated. It comes with a 350mAh non-removable battery. A micro USB charger is included in the package to charge the device. The charging port is located at the base of the device. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes for the My. Von Erl Starter Pack to be fully charged. There’s a LED indicator at the bottom of the device that shows you when the battery is full. It also shows you the battery strength when the device is not charging. When it shows red, the battery is low. When it shows green, the battery is full. The LED indicator also lights up when you take a hit.

The My. Von Erl Stater Pack is a lightweight, stealth e-cigarette that you can throw into your pocket when you’re on the go. It doesn’t produce massive clouds like a sub ohm vape setup, which makes it particularly good for vaping in public. The Von Earl Stater Pack is best for mouth to lung vaping. However, it is possible to get some restrictive direct lung hits from it. No weird sound is produced when you draw on this e-cig. What’s more, it can stand on its base without falling over which is a good thing if you want to keep it upright on your desk.

The My. Von Earl is manufactured by the Austria-based Von Erl and was released in 2016. Von Erl started as the innovation department of a medical technology company before veering into manufacturing vaping products. The company prides itself on making innovative and quality products. Von Erl has many other popular e-cigarettes products on the market such as the Erlthron Nano in the Von Erl Crown Series.

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