Nasty X Kilo Collaboration Dillinger E-Liquid Review

When two companies get together to create an e-liquid, you are almost guaranteed of a high-quality product. When I was informed about the collaboration between Nasty Juice and Kilo, I was super excited to give it a try. I’ve had several e-liquids from both Nasty Juice and Kilo, and I must say I haven’t been let down yet. Both companies have created some of the best e-liquids the industry has to offer. When I put in my order in for Dillinger at Smokly, I couldn’t wait, so I paid the extra $6.79 for 2-day shipping. Usually, I just wait for my e-juice to show up with the free shipping method. But, like I said, I just could not wait.

When I received my order in the mail, I charged my mod, changed my coils and didn’t vape anything else while my mod was charging. I was holding this e-liquid to a super high standard and I didn’t want anything to interfere with the first experience. First, I smelled it and the aroma was exactly like honeydew and watermelon. I looked around my room to make sure there were no fruits around. I could not believe the scent was coming from an e-liquid and not a fruit. I give this e-juice 5 stars for aromatic quality. The last and final step was to vape it.

On the inhale, I was instantly blown away by this e-liquid incredibly realistic flavor. I love fruity e-liquids and this one had just become one of my all-time favorites. I could not put it down for at least a week, I couldn’t even think about vaping anything else. I put in another order a week after I got the first one. I was not going to risk running out and not having another bottle in reserve. If you’re into fruity vapes or even vaping at all you need to try this one. You’ll instantly fall in love and make this your go-to all day vape for a long while. You can find other exciting fruity flavored e-liquids on Smokly.

I don’t want to say too much about this e-liquid because I want you to be able to enjoy it without my opinion interfering with your own personal judgment. This is a simple but elegant honeydew and watermelon e-liquid. If you’ve ever had honeydew or watermelon you already know what to expect from this e-liquid. Honeydew watermelon is a popular blend and has been done time and time again but never like this. The honeydew adds a creaminess and cool refreshing taste to this e-liquid. I must admit I was a little surprised by the watermelon flavor because it usually has a subtle taste that can easily be dominated by other flavors in the e-juice. However, in this one, the flavor is in your face, and you can tell what your vaping. Both flavors are well balanced, and this is very refreshing vape.

You can get Dillinger and other Nasty X Kilo Collaboration e-liquids at Smokly. A 60ml bottle is currently only $19.92. It’s on sale right now the normal price is $24.90. The sale won’t last forever so hurry over to Smokly and put your order in quick before the sale ends.

Dillinger has a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. As to be expected from a high VG e-liquid, it produces nice dense clouds. You can get this e-juice in several different nicotine strengths. It comes with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. As I stated earlier, this e-liquid has a cool refreshing feeling, so the throat hit is quite smooth. I usually vape with 3mg of nicotine, but this e-juice has such a smooth throat hit I’m betting you could vape at 6mg and still get that smooth hit every time.

Both Nasty Juice and Kilo are well known for there packing. They go above and beyond to make classy, stylish products. They could sell this e-juice on looks alone. I’ve never seen such elegant detail on an e-juice product. It comes in a burgundy box with a decorative logo that’s super awesome. It features both Kilo and Nasty Juice’s names. The bottle has the same design as the box. It’s a plastic unicorn bottle with a black safety cap.

If you’ve ever had e-liquids from either company, you know how what to expect from Dillinger. You can find similar e-juice flavors at Smokly.





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