Ohm Reader Atomizer Cartomizer Tester Meter

Using your eCig device can be easier with a special device that helps monitor battery voltage for your atomizer

As one of the best ohm meters for vaporizers this Original Product Ohm Meter for atomizer offers a number of features to makes the product easy to use while ensuring the efficiency of your eCig.  Produced with a simple different color design the ohm meter helps users obtain a safe voltage level for electronic cigarettes to reduce the risk of wick burning. This affordable meter provides an easy to read led readout on the face so you can quickly learn the voltage of your eCig after simply screwing the unit into place.


As similar models of this nature continue to be introduced to the market, this ohm meter offers several features of its own that makes it unique and useful.

  • Portability allows for users to easily carry the meter with them from one place to another at any time.
  • Easily attach the cartomizer or atomizer to the meter by screwing it into place so the reading can be completed by the tester.
  • The machine will help you quickly pick out bad atomizers.
  • When there is no flow going through the device the screen will read a 1 in the first left digit position.
  • The machine provides accurate readings and will read from 0.01 to 9.99 ohms as it is accurate to + -0.4 percent.
  • Users have the option of using either extensions or adapters.  You can use either cartomizers or atomizers along with other eGo style units and devices.
  • Heat at the coil of the atomizer will not be produced while you are testing your unit. The test amperage is 3 milliamps.


The ohm meter is small and compact while only using a few batteries that can be easily installed in the back of the device.  The digital numbers on the face are large print, bright and easy to read.  The product is easy to use as advanced and beginner eCig users will have no problem in getting started using it. This is one of many new devices being established for eCig users with complex technology behind its creation. Despite this the product is affordable and compatible making it a must have for most eCig users.  This is a new original product for the electronic cigarette that is portable and chargeable to provide easy test resistance.


The Product Ohm Meter for atomizer has multiple shipping options. Upon receiving your order your package will contain:

  • One Original Product Ohm Meter for atomizer product.
  • A box to store your ohm meter
  • Batteries for operation.
  • Warranty information.

You no longer have to worry about battery voltage usage with your eCig unit. You can effectively monitor voltage levels from anywhere at any time thanks to the convenience and affordability of the Original Product Ohm Meter for atomizer.  This is a product to have to help reduce the risk of burning wicks to achieve the vapor action you want.

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