Protank II/2 V2 Mini Clearomizer

The Protank 2 Mini offers all of the same great features of the original Protank, but in a smaller size and convenient design. Its modular design allows for all parts to be replaced and makes it easy to disassemble the device for cleaning.

The famous Pyrex glass tank that users love is still present in this miniature version of the clearomizer, but can now be replaced. This new version of the Protank 2 offers a range of features and benefits that every user will love.

Protank 2 Mini Features

  • Modular design for easy part replacement and cleaning
  • Compatible with any 510 drip tip
  • Atomizer heads are compatible with the Protank and Protank 2 models
  • Threaded and compatible with most Go threaded devices without the need
  • for an adaptor
  • 1.2 ml capacity

The Protank 2 Mini comes with a top cap, bottom cap, drip tip and a tank body. It also comes with 2 Protank atomizer heads to get you started with the product.

Benefits of the Protank 2 Mini

  • The TOOIO Protank 2 Mini is smaller than the original Protank and Protank 2.
    Because the product is glue-free, all of its parts can be replaced.
  • A replaceable drip tip allows users to replace the included metal tip with a plastic one.
  • Its atomizer head is compatible with the original Protank and the regular Protank 2 models.
  • The Protank 2 Mini’s glass tank prevents cracking and frosting caused by strong flavors.
  • Its Bottom mounted coil design provides a richer flavor and larger vapor.
  • The clearomizer boasts a 2.5ohms atomizer head.
  • The Mini’s smaller size allows for the tank to blend seamlessly into an eGo setup.

Helpful User Tips

  • Avoid adding liquid to the center tube in the Protank 2 Mini as this will cause an unpleasable vaping experience.
  • If the Protank 2 Mini is making gurgling noises or leaking, it may be because liquid has made its way into the inner metal tube. Wrap a cloth around the battery end and blow through the mouthpiece to remove any liquid that may be present. This will prevent you from having to empty the entire tank.
  • Replace your atomizer head after 20 days. Once the atomizer head wears down, it can cause leaks.
  • Always keep the tank at least 1/3 full. This will maintain the tank’s seal and prevent leaks.
  • Be sure to clean the battery before charging as e liquid may make its way into the battery area.

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