Rechargeable eCi by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

So there are three main varieties of electronic cigarettes; disposables which come prefilled and precharged and cannot be refilled or recharged, rechargeables which you get to charge, but they make use of cartridges containing ejuice and tanks which use a tank in which you can manually dispense ejuice into.

There are a lot of electronic cigarette brands in the market today so finding the best of any of the varieties of electronic cigarettes would only be a matter of where to begin. In the case of rechargeables, Atomic Dog Vapor presents a Rechargeable eCig that is simple to use, can be easily charged, simple to use, and affordable all in one.

eCig Rechargeable by Atomic Dog Vapor Review


The eCig itself is a standard device. It is incredibly light and small so you can carry it around with ease. Its size also makes it perfect for on-the-go vaping wherever, whenever.

You should note that you would blow out your e Cig cartridges much faster if it lasts longer than the battery itself. That said, you should match your cartridge with your battery life to get the most out of it.

You get to choose from tobacco and menthol. While most smokers would naturally just go for the tobacco flavor since it is the closest thing to what they are used to. It even has a pleasant aroma that would keep calling you back for more. The menthol flavor rewards your rags with a refreshingly cool and crisp taste.


The device delivers anywhere from 250 to 300 puffs before you would need to fully change it. This is depending on how much you use the device. The battery can be charged up to 300 times, this is more than what is expected from most rechargeable kits on the market. Once the eCig no longer produces flavor or vapor, it means that your battery is already out of power and in need of a recharge.

Nicotine Concentration

There may be tons and tons of smokers and vapers but they all have preferences. One of which is the subject of nicotine. Some people find that they cannot do without a huge nicotine hit, others prefer a moderate feeling of nicotine, while some others stay off it completely. No matter where you fall in the list, Atomic Dog Vapor has got you covered. 

eCig Rechargeable by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Atomic Dog Vapor specially made this eCig cartridge available in 4 nicotine concentrations so regardless of how much nicotine you prefer to consume while vaping, you can find a perfect match. No doubt the nicotine used in the mixture is high-quality freebase nicotine so get ready to enjoy strong hits just the way you like them. It is available in:

  • 24mg – Delivers the feel of a full-strength cigarette, specially designed for hardcore vapers.
  • 12mg – If you want something that hits just like a regular light cigarette, this is the one for you. 
  • 6mg – This is more of an ultra-light cigarette, perfect for newbies who want to give nicotine a try.
  • 0mg – If you prefer to vape without a trace of nicotine, this version would suit you the most. This version delivers just flavor and no nicotine hit whatsoever.


The vapor delivery from these eCig cartridges is calibrated to match the same delivery of an actual cigarette. This makes it the perfect device for ex-smokers and transitioning smokers who still want the cigarette-like feel. There is no problem with leaking. 


All in all, the eCig rechargeable is a solid device that is not just affordable but is worth every penny. It is ideal whether you are a newbie or veteran vaper. Each eCig Cartridge pack comes with 5 refills, this gives you even more for less. You get a pack for $12.99 on which means you are paying just $2.59 per refill.