Review of 4 Recycler Bongs

Recyclers are bongs that are designed with multiple chambers for multiple filtration of smoke. Using a recycler is one of the best ways of getting thoroughly filtered smoke. When using a recycler bong, you will get flavorful hits. You do not have to worry about stale puffs. There are many types of recycler bongs on the market today. HaSmoke has some of the most stylish recycler bongs that you can find anywhere on the market today. HaSmoke does not only stock custom-made glass pieces but also its collaborative work with other renowned glass makers. In this review, we will look at four solid recycler bongs on the HaSmoke store.

Straight Glass Bong with Double Percolator

This is a unique recycler bong. It measures 15 inches tall and is made of thick scientific glass. The bong, which is made of clear glass, has an 18mm thick female joint. The bong has a diffused slash guard with a flared mouthpiece which is easy to use. The most remarkable feature of this bong is its double percolator structure. It has a matrix barrel percolator and a honeycomb percolator. When you take a hit, the smoke travels through the matrix barrel percolator before getting to the honeycomb percolator. This guarantees cool and rich hits. You can tell that this bong will last for some time given how thick it is. You can get it for just $65.99 on the HaSmoke shop.

Double Barrel Recycler Dab Rig

This dab rig has two chambers; one is a filtration chamber, and the other is a recycling chamber. It stands 8.5 inches tall and is made of 5mm thick glass. The bong comes with 14mm thick joint and has a bent neck with a flared mouthpiece. It is fitted with a barrel percolator. When you take a drag, the smoke travels to the lower chamber where the barrel percolator is located, and it gets filtered. As you inhale, water and smoke will travel from the lower chamber to the top one and back where it is filtered twice. This results in clean hits with no throat burning. You can get this recycler bag rig for only $40.99.

Recycler Oil Rig with 8 Arms

This recycler oil rig is a monster. It is made of clear borosilicate glass and measures 12 inches tall. It has 14mm thick joint and a flared mouthpiece. The bong also comes with “The Rocktapus” dab rig. When you take a hit from this oil rig, the smoke travels through the four hanging inline percolators before passing through the eight recycler arms on the bong. You will get the smoothest hits when using this dab rig. The only issue with this bong is its size. Also, it doesn’t have an ice catcher, but that is not a big deal since the recycler ensures you get cool vapor. You can get this recycler oil rig for just $59.

Recycler Bong with Honeycomb Percolator

This is an elegant water recycler bong which measures 18 inches tall and has a flat base. It is made of thick clear glass comes with an 18mm thick joint. There are color accents on the mouthpiece, base, and neck of this bong. This recycler bong does not come with two but three percolators. When you take a hit, the smoke travels through the ring percolator before going to the stereo matrix percolator chamber and then the honeycomb percolator. Thanks to the multiple filtration mechanisms of this bong, you will get some cool, flavorful hits. You can get this bong on the HaSmoke store for $87. It comes in blue or green accents.

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