Review of Tesla Nano 120W


The Steampunk style of the Tesla Nano 120w has a delicate appearance and built with high performance. This device will bring your vaping with unexpected surprises.

Once you get a hold of the Tesla Nano 120w, you will see that it integrates many steampunk elements. These elements intensify the device’s retro metal texture. This is only not a box mod but also a work of art.  This device has all the features that you will need in a mod. It also has all the safety features for you to make sure that using it is safe. The classy design would make you want to get one if you have not purchased it yet. There are several mods out there but this one is one of the best and it is available online. 

Design and Quality

The Tesla Nano 120wfeatures a die cast zinc alloy body. It comes with a bright OLED screen and has a toggle switch feature. This feature makes it easy to use the device and you do not need to press the fire button five times just to turn it on or off.

The device has a retro look and it looks great in your hands. This device also has a memory function and innovative taste control. The user mode is easy to use. It has been made clear and very convenient. It is indeed a design that will never go out of style. It has a unique design and the colors are just simple and attractive. You will want to carry it everywhere because of its looks.

When you buy the Tesla Nano 120w, you can see that the box has also been designed to be nice looking. It has a unique design that is similar to the device’s design. You know that you are getting the best mod because of the product presentation that has been done with the device. Aside from its presentation, its performance is also excellent and makes vaping really great.


The Tesla Nano 120w works with two 18650 high drain batteries. This will definitely bring high power to the device because of its dual battery. There is no USB cable for charging this mod; you need to use a charger. It has a maximum wattage output of 120W. It also has a Toggle switch design which is really convenient since you do not have to click on the fire button. This device is 90mm by 55mm by 25mm and weighs 250g. What is great about this device is it has an innovative taste control. You can choose from normal, soft, hard, and user mode depending on your taste preference. The memory function for this device is also brilliant. You are able to save the wattage, TCR, output mode and taste mode. You do not have to adjust every time you use the device.

Tesla Nano 120w also comes with a new battery cover design. It has four venting holes. The negative and positive terminals are silver plated and are made with high electrical conductivity. If you are able to get your Tesla Nano 120w, you are sure it is safe to use. The device features several user protections. It is built with over puffing protection, low voltage warning, short circuit protection, and no atomizer alert. It also includes reverse connection and low resistance protection.

This device has a solid built and it feels good holding it because the size is just right to fit your hands. You are also able to customize your temperature control coil because of its Temperature Coefficient Resistance (TCR). It can work with a temperature between 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.



The Tesla 120w is one of the best electronic cigarettes that you can find on the market today. It is sold at a very reasonable price for only $43.99. It has a very solid build and you can be sure that it fits in your hands nicely. The design of the mod is really elegant and is an attractive one. Once you see it you will want one of your own. You can readily purchase the device at


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