Slim Auto Kit by VaporTech Review

Fresh out of the Vapor Tech Slim collection is this buttonless vaporizer that they decide to call Slim Auto. Vaportech is no new manufacturer in the vaporizer and e-cigarette industry. Now, they present the Slim Auto which is an answer to the cries of simplicity from many vapers. As soon as your cartridge is loaded, you do not have to go through the hassle of extra settings. 

A Little About Vapor Tech

Vaportech is an industry-leading manufacturer of e-cigarettes, mods, and ejuices. They have been around since their foundation in 2012 and their premium, innovative products are enough evidence of their dedication to providing devices and even e juices that make vaping all the more enjoyable regardless of what your preferences may be.

Some of their popular e-cigarettes include the Slim Twist, Slim Heat, Slim VV Battery Kit, and this Slim Auto. The company is constantly releasing innovative products that lead to memorable vaping experiences. 

Slim Auto Kit by VaporTech Review

Design and Build 

The Slim Auto is a rather compact vaporizer that features a unique rectangular design with rounded edges that make it comfortable while you hold it in your hand. It is also small and weighs only 0.1lbs so you should have no issues carrying it about with you whether you are on your way to work or to hang out with friends. 

You also get to choose from 6 alluring color options: Black, Blue, Red, Rose/Pink, Rainbow, and White. 

At the top of the VaporTech Slim Auto is a 510 threaded connection. The Slim Auto also comes with a magnetic ring that you screw to the bottom of your cartridge before inserting it into the device. This goes a long way to ensure that the cartridge stays snuggly and does not wobble while you move around or vape.

Just like I had mentioned earlier, the Slim Auto takes away the need for buttons unlike most of the other vaporizers in the Vapor Tech Slim collection. In its case, it features an automatic draw activation, making it even more convenient and simple. You just need to insert the cartridge into the Slim Auto and take a nice, long drag. If you ever had issues with the “fire-button” design, then this Slim Auto was made for you. 

If you are vaping thick oils, then you want to know how to heat your oil as there is no fire button for preheating. In this case, you just need to inhale a few times to kickstart the device’s preheat function. After a while, you can go ahead and enjoy your vape.

Slim Auto Kit by VaporTech Review

The Slim Auto utilizes a larger 380mAh battery, unlike the Slim Twist which allows you to enjoy vaping for an even longer time. You can afford to even take the device with you on a short ride without bothering about logging about a charger. The battery has an output wattage of 3.5w which is ideal, allowing you to enjoy the terpene profile of any oil you are vaping. It uses a USB charger that can fully charge it in about 50 minutes. 

VaporTech leaned more towards a minimalist design for the package of the Slim Auto Kit. On the front, you get a picture of the device in the color you choose, much like a little tip of the iceberg. You also get the name of the device and every other necessary information at the back. 


The Slim Auto Kit by VaporTech is sold for only $24.99, and you even get to choose from all six different color options when you buy from VaporTech USA. If you fancy buttonless features and a sleek design, then this is one that you want to add to your top-shelf.