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You’ll notice several products by Forge Vapor on One of them is Smith’s Apple eLiquid Sampler. This is another premium e-liquid flavor by Forge Vapor.


You won’t experience even a hint of artificial or chemical taste in Smith’s Apple eLiquid Sampler’s flavor. What you’ll get is nothing but original and authentic taste of sweet delcious apples. You’ll experience this authentic sweet taste the moment you take the first vape. This flavor is not overly sweet. It has just right amount of tart to balance out the sweetness. The presence of tart brings out a different shade of taste in this flavor. Once this flavor gets you, there is no way that you’ll switch over to other flavors.

The other great thing about Smith’s Apple eLiquid Sampler is the different shades of taste it brings forth at different temperatures. Vapers will get to enjoy the different nuances of taste at higher and lower temperatures. If you love flavors that offer such different nuances of taste, then this juice is definately cut out for you.

Nicotine Flavor

Smith’s Apple eLiquid Sampler comes in varying nicotine levels. Vapers can get this e-liquid with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. The juice with 0mg and 3mg levels offer a very mellow and mild throat hit. If you’re someone who loves to get that strong throat-hit after every single puff, then you are better off going for the e-liquid with 6mg of nicotine.

Vapers should not worry about getting  any burning or itching sensations. This flavor is incredibly smooth on the throat.

Vapor Production

The vapor production of this vape e-liquid is pretty good. If you’re a diehard cloud chaser, this stuff won’t let you down. It will generate thick and massive milky clouds every time you take a vape. These clouds don’t disappear with blink of an eye. They linger for a long time and ensure that vapers are able to satisfyingly enjoy the aroma.


The packaging of this vape juice flavor bears all the trademark designs of Forge’s classic packaging. Similar to other Forge packages, you’ll see a thermometer set against the background of a picture of an intense raging fire. This package design smartly conveys that this stuff is specially cut out for vapers who are fond of high-temperature vaping juices. Nowadays you rarely come across a package that is so laser focused on the target audience.

The glass bottle that you’ll find inside this package is sturdy. It comes with a Forge label and a child proof cap. The bottle also explicitly mentions important information’s about ingredients and the necessary warnings.


Smith’s Apple eLiquid Sampler 18ml bottle costs only $4.00 on You’ll also find other Forge products at highly discounted prices on this online store.


By consistently offering top-notch high temperature juices,  Forge Vapor has become a name to be reckoned with in the e-liquid industry. Based in the American city of Milwaukee, this company has mastered the art of making the most perfect and premium high temperature e-liquid products available today.
Some of the other popular Forge products are Blueberry Boss eLiquid, Crucible Cream eLiquid, Georgia Striker eLiquid and Melon Quench E-liquid.


If you’re bored with same flavors that never really excite your taste buds, then just go ahead and buy Smith’s Apple eLiquid Sampler. It brings forth authentic sweet taste of apple that will keep your taste buds excited. Besides, the joy of enjoying nuances of tastes at different temperatures makes this product absolutely worth it.

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