Strawberry Melon Full Spectrum CBD Pen by Savage CBD Review

Strawberry Melon Full Spectrum CBD Pen is a onetime use Cig-Alike disposable device by Savage CBD. This CBD pen is prefilled with strawberry, melon, and watermelon flavored CBD full spectrum vape juice. Your taste buds will be indulged in the sweet taste of strawberry and ripe watermelon from the very first draw to the very last one. This amazing blend of flavors will keep your taste buds drooling and begging for more. This CBD pen will certainly provide a delightful vaping experience for those fresh fruit lovers as well and for those who like candy flavor. You can use this device for up to two weeks or longer based on the usage.

Strawberry Melon Full Spectrum CBD Pen contains a battery, atomizer, and is prefilled with CBD vape juice. These cigarette-style vape pens offer a few hundred puffs before they are disposed of. It is considered the easiest way of CBD vaping as you don’t have to invest in purchasing a battery or compatible devices. This CBD pen is draw-activated, which means it only produces vapor while you puff. They don’t have any specific button to switch on.

Terpenes and full spectrum hemp extract are the ingredients in Strawberry Melon Full Spectrum CBD Pen. The device contains 0.5ml of vape juice with a CBD concentration of 200mg. Savage CBD is a well-known manufacturer of CBD products in the United States. They offer a wide array of CBD products such as CBD topicals, CBD tinctures, Epsom salts, CBD vape devices like this Mango Citrus CBD vape pen, Berry Mint Full Spectrum CBD Pen, Pineapple Blast Full Spectrum CBD Cartridge, and many more. The company has a huge range of premium quality CBD infused products for customers to choose from. All the products are offered at groundbreaking prices. 

Strawberry Melon contains full spectrum CBD, which means you are experiencing all the therapeutic effects of CBD. You will not get any high feeling from vaping it. Savage CBD maintains high standards of hygiene and uses only premium quality ingredients to make their products. They use the CO2 extraction method to extract CBD from hemp plants. The presence of terpenes increases the aroma, taste, and offer the vapers an authentic vaping experience with cannabis extracts. This vape pen contains pure cannabis extract and is not harmful to your throats.

As all of us know, vaporizing is the finest way to deliver active elements into the body along with high bio-availability. Vaping using Strawberry Melon delivers a large about of hemp derives CBD and terpenes into the body. Strawberry Melon Full Spectrum CBD Pen is good for those who are new to CBD vaping. These vape pens don’t offer much variety with regards to flavor and CBD strength, but it is less expensive. Since these are prefilled, you don’t have to buy an e-liquid of any additional hardware to start vaping.

You can buy Strawberry Melon Full Spectrum CBD Pen from the Savage CBD online store. You can get this amazing product for just $32, instead of the original price of $39.99.