T3 Kanger Clearomizer

There are many benefits to vaping as an alternative to smoking. T3 clearomizer is perfect for new users to the vaping experience and dedicated users who just want something simple and easy to use.

T3 clearomizer is an affordable option without the intimidating process of rebuilding and customizing your vaporizer. It offers all of that with the promise of good flavor and warm vapor to provide a smooth intake. Better designed with simplicity and user experience enhancement in mind, T3 clearomizer is a great choice for any user.

T3 Clearomizer Features

All of the features of the T2 clearomizer are designed to add to the process of enjoying vapor.

  • The clear body of the clearomizer lets you fully see and appreciate the processing of vapor. You can watch as the process takes place right before your eyes.
  • 2.4ml tank provides you with the enjoyment of vaping throughout the day without fearing it running out.
  • The two-piece design allows you fill your tank from the bottom for the easiest filling process possible. You just simply unscrew the bottom atomizer head and then pour your e-liquid inside the tank.
  • The atomizer head is replaceable. This lets you keep the clearomizer making this a solid investment.

Tips and Tricks

For a better vaping experience with the T3, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Try not to spill liquid into the metal tube that lead connects the mouthpiece to the battery when filling up your clearomizer. This will prevent leakage into the battery.
  • Always try to keep the tank full and never below the one third mark. This is keep the tank from leaking because it will create a better vacuum seal.
  • Always clean the batter before charging.
  • The life of the atomizer head spans about 20 days. When reaching this point, replace the head as soon as possible to ensure the best vaping experience.

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