TAAT Tobacco Packs Review

The health risks of traditional tobacco cigarettes are well-known and for years big tobacco companies have been fending off lawsuits from victims. In recent years, there has been a quest healthier alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Besides vaping, smoking nicotine-free tobacco cigarettes is becoming increasingly popular among people looking to quit cigarettes.

TAAT produces alternative tobacco cigarettes that will appeal to people looking to quit smoking cigarettes. This brand-based in the United States uses only top-quality ingredients to make its products. TAAT are nicotine-free but designed to recreate the experience of smoking cigarettes. TAAT are manufactured to emulate the look, burning, and physical sensations of traditional cigarettes. It took several months for the people behind TAAT to create a nicotine-free that tastes and feels like tobacco cigarettes. TAAT’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Cindy Orser, is in charge of crafting and processing the flavor of every product by this brand. TAAT has a state-of-the-art lab in Las Vegas where all its products are made.

TAAT tobacco-free cigarettes are made with a proprietary blend of hemp and 100 percent food-grade ingredients. Although TAAT products contain 20 percent CBD, you don’t have to worry about getting high from smoking it. All hemp used by this brand in production contain less than 0.3 percent THC. This amount of THC will not result in any of the psychoactive effects. TAAT uses hemp sourced from farmers across the U.S.Unlike other non-nicotine products, TAAT’s is not manufactured with MCT oil nor Vitamin E acetate.

TAAT currently offers three versions of nicotine-free cigarettes: TAAT Original, TAAT Smooth, and TAAT Menthol.

Original: This TAAT product has a rich flavor that will appeal to smokers who enjoy traditional cigarette brands like American Spirit Blue, Winston, and Marlboro Red.

Smooth: This TAAT tobacco-free cigarette is ideal for people who enjoy lighter-tasting cigarette brands like Marlboro Gold, Pall Mall Blue, and American Spirit Yellow.

Menthol: TAAT Menthol has the flavor of fresh mint. Menthol is ideal for people who prefer cigarette brands like Newport, Marlboro Menthol, and Kool.

All three TAAT tobacco-free cigarette flavors come in packs similar to tobacco cigarettes pack. Each pack contains 20 TAAT sticks: you 20 TAAT sticks per box and 10 boxes per cartons. Each TAAT stick contains 25mg of CBD and 0.2 percent THC.

Besides being a healthier option, TAAT products are designed to be more affordable than traditional tobacco cigarettes. You can buy each a TAAT pack for $6.99 directly from the TAAT online store. TAAT cannot ship to all states since hemp-based products are not legal in all 50 US states. So you must check your local laws before ordering from this store. You can reach the TAAT customer service team with all your questions

TAAT is currently running a FREE pack promotion. You only need to follow four steps to enjoy this free TAAT pack. The first step involves choosing the TAAT flavor pack you prefer, then proceed to check-out, and enter the promo code: FREEPACK.

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