Top Reasons Why the Funky Republic Ti7000 Disposable Vape Is Your Ideal Vape

EB Designs is a brand that understands the needs of vapers. It has been in business for a long time, meaning it understands the dynamics of the industry and what appeals to vapers. Consequently, the brand has released a series of vapes that have amassed a huge fanbase. One of its top selling disposables is the Funky Republic Ti7000, a device that is designed to meet all your vaping needs. It houses an impressive vape juice capacity and puff count that ensures you enjoy your favorite funky republic flavors for longer. From the design to the features, you can tell that EB Designs took time to create this delectable vape. Below are the top reasons why you should get yourself this device.

Product features 


Funky Republic Ti7000 is a sizable device that can comfortably fit into the palm of your hand, making it highly portable. This device can safely slide into tiny pockets and is a convenient item. The funky Republic Ti7000 is easy to stow away when not in use.

Elegant design

To complete your classy look, the funky Republic Ti7000 is made in an elegant design that spells class. If you are a vaper who likes to keep up a classy look in all your devices, the funky Republic Ti7000 is a very important device for you. Adding to this elegance is an ergonomic mouthpiece that swiftly curves into your mouth, locking tightly with your lips. This mouthpiece helps avoid spills and makes your vaping experience flawless.

Draw activated mechanism

Funky Republic Ti7000 is an automated device that discourages using buttons to start up. This is achieved using the draw-activated firing mechanism, which allows you to fire up the device by pulling in the first draw. It is an effective feature that ensures timesaving and promotes convenience.

Display screen

For all vapers who like to keep track of their vaping progress by determining the opportune time to replace the device. This display screen shows the level of vape juice and power. It is easier to determine how long you have left with your device to schedule for recharging and avoid battery runout.

Quaq tech mesh coil

The most important feature to look out for in the funky republicTi7000 is the vapor and flavor output. This device has a quick tech mesh coil that adequately atomizes all the vape juice, creating a great balance between vapor and flavor. With this mesh coil, you will enjoy an incredible output.


Bearing that funky Republic Ti7000 gives upward of 7000 puffs per device; it is important to pair the device with a strong battery. For this reason, the funky Republic Ti7000 has a battery of 600mAh that comfortably supports all the puffs. It is also rechargeable through the type C charging port at the bottom of the device, ensuring you get lengthy vaping sessions regardless of the battery level.

Vape juice capacity

Funky Republic Ti7000 has a massive vape juice capacity of 17ml, enough to give you voluminous clouds and sustain your vaping until the last puff. It is perfect for cloud chasers and ensures you enjoy strong throat hits. 


Using expert mixologists, funky Republic Ti7000 has an array of flavors that will excite you for the next puff. They include super berry, tropical island, cantaloupe apple, peach pie, rainbow cloudz, passion fruit kiwi lime, tropical rainbow blast, mixed Fruit, blossom mint and blue-red Mint.

Where to purchase the funky Republic Ti7000 disposable vape

The funky Republic Ti7000 disposable vape is available at the West Coast Vape Supply website at $16.99. WCVS is the leading online vape store that retails and wholesales premium vape products across the globe. The online store partners with top brands, such as Funky Republic, to provide vapers worldwide with premium vape gadgets at the most affordable prices. Visit the site for multiple deals and discounts, including free shipping for orders above $100.