Top three pick e-juice flavors

Flavor is very important to anyone who vapes. The quest for your all-day-vape starts as soon as you find the correct setup. You want to vape the best flavor that will never get you asking questions. But it’s not easy to find the one particular juice. There are so many variations to it! The good news is that the majority of e-juice flavors fall into a few simple flavor profiles which are listed below in our guide. If you make sense of these definitions your search becomes easier. Check out 3 of the top e-juices in the most popular flavor profiles. With Flavorah (trusted by e-liquid manufactures in over 50 countries) you could just discover vape the next day.


E-juices flavored with menthol are in a class of their own. Fans of and menthol vapes love the refreshing feeling you get from these flavors. We can range from mild mint to full-on icy blasting. If you are switching from menthol cigarettes, you’ll probably enjoy hundreds of calming e-juice flavors from menthol gum, spearmint, peppermint, and straight-up menthol. If you haven’t already tried them, think. Menthol e-liquids give your daily flavors a change of pace. They will revitalize your taste buds and soothe the tongue of any vaper. If you ever feel allergic, cold or flu under the weather, menthol flavors are always the best bet you can make.


E-liquid flavors tend to concentrate a lot on candy, drinks, desserts, and tobacco. Yet where’s the platform? Have you ever inhaled cereal or french toast? Not just ferociously chewing it —inhaling it. If that sounds enticing to you, know those flavors can be vaped. There are a lot of different meal-inspired vape juices out there including the bacon. Many real-life examples include rice, french toast, and pancakes! Vape your favorite foods whenever you wish.

Tobacco ejuice

Often the only thing on your mind is a fine, old’ fashioned taste of cigarettes and tobacco. Forget the fruity, funky flavors of the Tootie – those guys seem a dime-a-dozen. Overplay, if you like. Why not go with what you know best, instead of trying to find an artificial flavor that you really like; a classic taste of nicotine can be the best way to vape. Rather than investing in a package of real cigarettes, this e-cig liquid helps you to enjoy the same taste. Plus, you don’t have to smoke, carcinogens have been eliminated from the photo and you’re not going to get a bad scent on people around you. This vape juice boasts a ratio of 25/75 VG / PG. Nicotine intensity ranges from 0 to 36 mg (3.6 percent) The dosage of flavors will differ enormously from one flavor to the other. Very often, the manufacturers give a reference percentage. Nevertheless, everyone’s taste buds also have a different perception. It is therefore sometimes difficult to indicate the dosage which will be satisfying. It is recommended to use a 10% percentage to never overdose a DIY flavor. Flavorah is my recommended company when it comes to DIY eliquid recipes.