Types Of Electronic Cigarettes And Their Features

Electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 in China. The first device was large in size, and vaporization characteristics did not differ perfection.

Just a few years the situation has radically changed to a new technically improved types of electronic cigarettes, and the number of models was in the hundreds. That can offer the modern market buyers?

There are several major classifications of e-products. In the divide-by-species basis of parameters such as:

  • sizes (pen-style, mini, super-mini or micro, cigars, pipes);
  • the possibility of using (reusable and disposable);
  • features (automatic and mechanical).

Known manufacturers produce to market many kinds of devices. For example, in the range of Japanese companies Denshi Tabaco can find all kinds of electronic cigarettes , and the assortment of little known companies can be severely limited.

Classification by size

Depending on the size of electronic cigarettes are divided into five main types. The models differ in size and performance. Moreover, these two indicators are interdependent. That is, the larger the size, the better the battery cartridge voluminous and electronic cigarette is able to work longer without recharging.

Devices of the kind of super-mini is the small and lightweight of all that is able to offer the market. Their dimensions are identical to the dimensions of a conventional tobacco products. Length of the electronic cigarette super-mini in an assembly of 84-100mm. Such products are the most similar to tobacco cigarettes and design. However, they are low productivity. Cigarettes equipped with the compact is too long battery (80 mAh), and the liquid in the cartridge is sufficient only for a small number of puffs. Most models are comparable to devices 4-5 regular cigarettes. Super-mini are a good choice for those who smoke quite a bit.

Another type of e-cigarette  is mini . Visually, they are also similar to tobacco products. However, their length somewhat greater than that of conventional cigarettes. Depending on the model, it can reach 110-120 mm.

Cigarettes subcompact equipped more voluminous cartridges. They correspond to 8-15 cigarettes. In addition, the battery in these units is sufficient to ensure that the user was able to use up the liquid cartridge until the battery is discharged. On average, it is a mini models 130-180 mAh.

Classical type of e-cigarette can be considered pen-style . It got its name because it is visually similar to a pen or marker. Product Length reaches 140-170 mm. Electronic Cigarette Pen-style is very popular among smokers. Devices have balanced performance: capacity battery allows you to use the device during the day without recharging, and one cartridge is comparable usually more than 20 ordinary cigarettes. Devices produce high-quality and thick vapor, which also has a positive effect on the process of evaporation.

Special types of products – cigars and pipes. These products are close in size to the normal, but they allow a person to enjoy the process of evaporation is very long. For several days the smoker does not need to replace cartridges or charge the battery. Battery capacity devices can reach 900 mAh. Some models, for example, electronic tubes Denshi Tabaco E-Pipe , this figure even more and is 960 mAh.

Other types of devices

Submitted classes of devices are considered major. But the division can be performed, and other criteria. Foremost is the basis of this classification, as the amount of nicotine in the liquid composition. Accordingly, devices are divided into:

  • super strong (about 24 mg / ml)
  • strong (about 18 mg / ml);
  • light (12-16 mg / ml);
  • Super Light (6-11 mg / ml);

Electronic cigarette cartridges may vary in taste. The main flavors are classic tobacco, mint, coffee, apple, grape.

Of the many types of electronic cigarettes, you may be quite difficult to choose a product with optimal parameters. Particular difficulties arise for beginners. But as you gain experience much easier choice. Having bought a good device, the user only need to buy cartridges nicotine content which is optimal for him. Electronic cigarette itself does not need to change too often.

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