Vape Box Subscription Service Review

More and More People are putting down their cigarette and picking up vapor products in its place. Many people have felt frustrated, chained down to the cancerous stick, and tried numerous times to quit unsuccessfully. Better than anything else they’ve tried, people are reclaiming their lives with vaporizers.

Folks can now choose their nicotine level so coming down at a gradual pace is a comfortable process for them. Second-hand smoke has been replaced with delicious smells of freshly baked goods, fruits, and even their favorite beverages.

Juice artisans of the industry possess a high level of mastery in delivering tantalizing flavors and undertones to the pallet. What’s more is these high-end juices won’t eat away at your bank account.

Yes,Vape Box offers a monthly subscription service of premium juices for as little as $20. No math required to realize that you’ll be doing your pocketbook a huge favor here.


Vape box takes the Vapes to a new vaping experience to discover new juices and related products and hardware that you will absolutely be loved by any vape.It is a monthly e-juice subscription plan or service that offers boxes of different type premium and amazing e-juice according to your taste and personal flavor with low price- 40% less than retail.

What are the different subscription levels?

There are 3 different subscription Plans available. Each plan provides a different number of e e-Liquid, depending on your current usage. Each plan has a different monthly value and creates varying levels of savings for you.


Signing Up for Vape box: Detailed but Easy
The VapeBox is an intelligent service with the ability to be programmed with many different features to your exact specifications. Never before has there been a model such as the VapeBox that can actually be so easy and simple to choice e-Liquids with lots of options.
1. Set your preferences

Customize your Vaping Flavors. Tell what you like and what you don’t. Make changes anytim

2. Vape Box curate your box

Their curators match your flavor preferences with the most highly rated ejuices that people love and up and coming brands.

3. Enjoy. Unbox. Repeat

Enjoy your e-juices and goodies, make sure to post pictures on Instagram’s and facebook to get featured. They are social.

It’s so simple- Tell them your favorite flavors, how you like to vape, your nicotine strength, and they’ll curate your Vape box tailored to those preferences.


  • 1. Sampler Plan $20 (3 PREMIUM E-JUICES)



  • 2. Juice Lovers Plan $32 (4 E-PREMIUM E-JUICES +1 ACCESSORY)


  • 3. Enthusiast Plan $60 (6 E-JUICES + 1 ACCESSORY +FULLY CUSTOMIZED




The curation system of Vape Box matches your flavor preferences with the most highly rated e-juices that people love.

  • Plans allow for complete customization of what you want with exchange policies.
  • The other plans is for those who want to be pleasantly surprised and leave the curation to Vape box.

Here’s an example—-

Tony requests an invitation from Vape box on April 1. Vape box systems check his birth date and email address to determine if he’s eligible for a Vape box invitation and if he is, a Vape box invitation will be emailed to him. On April 3, Tony checks his email and decides that he wants to sign up. He’ll click his invitation link and sign-up accordingly. Tony will get charged on the day he signs up. (In this case, on April 3) After successfully signing up, Tony can expect his first Vape box (the Welcome Box) within the following week. After that, Tony will be placed back in with the rest of the subscribers for his 2nd Vape box. He’ll be charged on May 15 and will be receiving his 2nd Vape box at the end of May/early June.


Vapebox comes with 3-6 unique juices, accessories, new products, and even mods from time-to-time. Vape Box is customized specifically for you, tailored to your palette preferences and subscription plan and curated by flavor experts with many years of experience.


Is Vape Box The Right Subscriptions Plan For You?
Still wondering whether this is the best e-liquid subscription service for you? If their services to save your time and fits in your pocket that you’re searching for, the Vape Box could be just what you’re after. If you’re ready to own this best and reliable subscriptions, we suggest you buy yours VAPE BOX. They’re an authorized distributor of all available vape juices in their stores which mean you’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and guaranteed to get the lowest price allowed.


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