Vivi Nova Tank

With the technology evolving faster than our world is evolving, state of the art devices have been introduced. For all smokers, there is some good news to every ear: introduction of the Vivi Nova customizer.

What are the Differences between the Vivi Nova V1, Vivi Nova V2, Vivi Nova V2.5, and Vivi Nova V3?

Here’s where a lot of people become confused. Thus, I’ve outlined the differences between the model numbers just below.

Vivi Nova V1: the original Vivi Nova, or V1, had the vent holes visible and in set in the end cap. This concept was abandoned in favor of V2.

Vivi Nova V2, V2.5, V3: The Vivi Nova V2, V2.5, and V3 are all in fact the same model. The difference being on two scores – it comes down to what the actual vendor names the product, and also is according to the length of the wick – V2 has a shorter wick, while the Vivi Nova V2.5 and V3 have longer wicks.

V1 71 1.8 Ω / 2.4Ω / 2.8Ω 2.5 ml or 3.5 ml (Option) Long Or Short (Option) 510
V2 73.5 mm 1.8 Ω / 2.4Ω / 2.8Ω 2.0 ml Long Or Short (Option) 510
V2.5 75 mm 1.8 Ω / 2.4Ω / 2.8Ω 2.5 ml Long Or Short (Option) 510
V3 67 mm 1.8 Ω / 2.4Ω / 2.8Ω 3.5 ML Long Or Short (Option) 510
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Furthermore, the V1 came with a polycarbonate tank. This was changed in the forthcoming models as the polycarbonate tank was prone to cracking and leaching when filled with stronger versions of e-liquid such as menthol and cinnamon.

And lastly, the V3 version of the Vivi Nova possesses a more restricted flow of air since the cone that rests over the coil is in fact longer towards the tip. The reasoning behind this is that previously the vapor was able to seep into the tank. That however is no longer the case with the V3.

Get to know more through this Vivi Nova tank review. Vivi Nova is basically a tank-like system that is certainly one of the best revolutionary gadgets ever developed. Some people have even gone as far to say that it is a cigarette devices that is both electronic and highly innovative. It is a very unique product that actually takes on a whole new kind of approach to the existing tank systems at the moment.


Vivi Nova features a very clear tank and various replaceable and advanced atomizer heads. This kind of system always allows the user to use the device for longer periods in between refills. They come with three different types of resistance heads that are standard. Each Set also includes,

  • 1 X generally black hardened drip Tip,
  • 1 X 3.5ml clear tank or tube,
  • 1 X 2.8, 1.8, and 2.4 ohms efficient coil heads,ohm coil head.
  • 1 X tank base,
  • 1 X 510 Delrin Drip Tip.

Take not that, each of these interchangeable atomizers comes in very different Ohm setting and variations. The user will also find out that the settings of these interchangeable atomizers is visibly engraved on the side of each atomizer downwards. There is a small opening at the top of the various coil heads which is used for air flow. Whenever you fill the plastic tube or tank, make sure to keep the e-juice away from this center hole.

How To Use

If you want to use this device just;

  • Unscrew the metal cap at the top and Add any of your favorite e-juice into the tank. Don’t fill the e-juice above the top of this coil heads.
  • Put back the metal cap at the top. Right into the cap at the top, insert the drip tip and finally enjoy your vapor.
  • Holding at least a 2.5ml e-Juice, Vivi Nova provides its users the far much needed convenience of a whole day of vapor with the amazing introduction of a screw-on replaceable atomizer heads.
  • It’s also compatible with  eGo Series batteries, ZMAX, MVari and the BOLT.

A mini Vivi Nova is currently available, it is smaller in diameter than the previous versions therefor easy to Carry around and use. It is precisely leak proof and always providing a great vapor with a powerful hit to the throat.

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