Wisconsin Dairy Co – Pistachio Ice Cream Review


Nicotine Level  0mg 3mg 6mg

Bottle Size  45 ml

VG/PG Not Specified

Price $10 /bottle


The Packaging

The packaging for this flavorful e-juice is relatively the same as the other e-juices from Wisconsin Dairy Co. Though they have the same bottle prints, the flavor is printed clearly in the center of the logo. The label has nice a cow print pattern with a Wisconsin Map as its logo. The e-juice contained inside is packaged carefully to ensure the Grade A quality of this e-juice as mentioned on the label.

The bottle is made from food grade spill-proof aluminum which makes the e-liquid more secure as it is airtight and shockproof. It has a pink dropper which looks like an udder and has a nice size to help you fill your tanks easily without any spill. It comes in 45 ml bottles. This along with a variety of flavors are available at Vape Supply Club at an affordable price.

Flavor Description

Now the favorite part for most vapers is the flavor. Since Vaping has changed the lifestyle of smokers, flavor plays a vital role in maximizing your vaping experience and the choices are what keeps them interested.

As Wisconsin Dairy Co. strives to be the world’s best milk themed e-liquid and having their tagline as “The best milk comes from Wisconsin”, this Pistachio Ice Cream flavored e-juice is one of a kind and for sure does not disappoint. Having Pistachio Ice Cream as my favorite, I can say that it has the delicious nutty taste of pistachio. The taste is literally same as the pistachio ice cream that I am craving for. The sweetness level is just the right amount which is superb. Plus it does not leave too much sweet aftertaste. I can describe it as the flavor you would want after dinner. The nutty and sweet taste is just so awesome that you just can’t resist it. If you are not into Pistachio, why not give it a try. It might be your next favorite.

Throat Hit

Throat hit refers to the feeling that you get when you inhale nicotine. Most smokers find this sensation fulfilling, yet if the mix form of irritation and sometimes makes you cough. More nicotine means stronger throat hit and less nicotine means more smooth throat hit.

This e-juice produces nice and smooth throat hit. It will give you fun vaping experience and it does not make your throat feel itchy or make you have the urge to drink water after vaping. It doesn’t make you feel thirsty which is a good thing.

Nicotine Strength

While having fun vaping with your Pistachio Ice Cream e-juice by Wisconsin Dairy Co. If you are new to vaping, this is important to know which nicotine level to choose in order to experience the taste and strength that you are searching for. This e-juice comes in three nicotine strengths; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Cloud Production

While the flavor gives a full smooth and fun experience, this e-juice offers a nice generous amount of cloud. If you want to become a cloud chaser, you might want to give this a try. The cloud produced has a nice sweet smell of Pistachio Ice Cream which definitely gives you the idea that you literally smelling Pistachio Ice Cream. It gives me the same feeling as the what I normally feel when I have craving s for the best dessert, Pistachio Ice Cream. As a die-hard fan of Pistachio Ice cream, this is by far my top choice flavor for an e-juice.

Final Verdict

A fun vaping experience is what this e-juice flavor has to offer. Wisconsin Dairy Co definitely nailed the authentic flavor of Pistachio Ice Cream. The flavors are carefully crafted to perfection and it truly does taste the same as what the flavor is. The is a smooth and creamy feeling which you definitely can’t resist, with no strong aftertaste. The sweetness is just mild which is definitely what I am looking for an e-juice.

For the throat hit, I can say that this has very smooth throat hit. As I have mentioned earlier, it does not give me the itchy feeling nor dryness of the throat. This e-juice definitely one of my top choice for more fun vaping experience and would want this as my everyday dessert flavor. There are many e-juice flavors to choose from which are readily available in the market and of course each person had different taste preference. If you are a Pistachio Lover, you would definitely love this e-juice and if not, why not give it a try.

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