Zen Panda Kratom Shot Review

Kratom shots are kratom extracts in liquid form combined with additives. Kratom is an exceptional substance as it is connected with boosting energy. There are several known benefits of kratom including euphoric high, calmness, and pain relief. Kratom shots are usually used as an energy booster. It is a combination of natural herbs that provides you with energy and nutrition to boost your senses to keep your body energetic and attentive. You will get all the benefits of Kratom powder in a single shot. It provides you with sufficient antioxidants to fix your bodily weaknesses.

You can take a kratom shot whenever you feel that you need a boost in your energy level. The kratom extracts in this herbal shot will provide you a relaxed feeling and keep your body energized for a whole day. Zen Panda Kratom Shot is an exclusive product that contains premium quality 100% natural Kratom extracts sourced from Southeast Asia. Kratom Shot is infused with 7 Grams of kratom extract. Kratom extract, purified water, citric acid, MCT oil, and essential oils are used to manufacture Zen Panda Kratom Shot.

You need to take only a few drops to achieve the desired result because these extracts are so potent. You can mix it either with coffee, water, juice, or anything you prefer. You can feel the effect after 15 minutes of taking a shot. The effects include sharp hearing, alertness, and feeling energized. The effects of a small dose will last for around 2 hours and the effect of a more substantial dose will last for over eight hours. A higher dosage is not recommended as it might put your health at risk. Zen Panda uses purified water instead of alcohol or hot water to extract the essence of Kratom. This extraction method helps to maintain the alkaloids in their purest form.

Zen Panda products are manufactured using three different types of Maeng Da strains – Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da. Each strain harvested from Mitragyna speciosa plant has its own properties. Mitragynine in the kratom leaves interacts directly with the opioid receptors in the brain and provides quick pain relief. Kratom is capable to improve mood, relaxation, and boost confidence levels. Zen Panda gets its kratom from the Southeast Asian Kratom farms and then powder it after a series of processes. They only use top-quality ingredients to ensure the quality of their products.

Zen Panda Kratom Shots comes in an attractive bottle with the Zen Panda logo. Each bottle weighs 0.45 grams. You can buy a bottle of Zen Panda Kratom Shot online from https://shopzenpanda.com at a discounted price. A bottle of Kratom Shot in Shopzenpanda online store costs only $15.99. The company offers free delivery services to all orders above $24.99.